Letters either commenting on stories we have published, or raising issues relevant to Catholics.

Letter: Novena to Our Lady Untier of Knots

A group of us have set up a novena to Our Lady Untier of Knots asking for prayers for private intentions and everyone involved in ministry, evangelisation, prayer groups etc and for all Catholic organisations and charities, that the Holy Spirit will empower us and bless our work. It started on Sunday, 10 March and will finish just before the Feast of St Joseph, 19 Marc...

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Letter: Appeal for support for Ziada family

Saad Ziada standing on ruins of his home where 6 family members from 3 generations were killed

Dear Friends,

We recently started a fundraising campaign in support of the Ziada family from Gaza in Palestine who are taking legal action against the Israeli military in a Dutch court for war crimes. The Campaign is a single-issue group of concerned citizens who have come together with the specific aim of raising funds to support the Ziada family in their quest for justice. I am enclo...

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Has the world turned its back on the Palestinian people?

Letter re: ICN 29 January 2019 WCC pulls Ecumenical Accompaniers from Hebron due to security concerns

What a tragedy in every way! Anyone who has visited Hebron will know what a travesty of justice and of international law and Geneva Conventions exists there already!

As it says in this announcement from the WCC,

'The non-renewal of this mandate and the intens...

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Letter: Democracy is a GIFT, let's not lose it

Re: ICN 13 December 1018 Church voices concern over Settlement Scheme for EU citizens

I was delighted to read that Bishop Paul (who is based in Hertfordshire) said quite a lot in relation to the EU settled status scheme. It is good to know that the Church is aware that a number of people will have to go through this process.

In 1998, I started my History ...

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Message from Cameroon

I have just had a chat with my friend in Anglophone Cameroon, fearful for the lives of everyone in the area. (There is no internet connection even though the WhatsApp number rings and she apparently sent me an email today: the connection seems to be working, but actually is blocked.)

The main problem is movement - this is very restricted due to the roadblocks created by the villagers as...

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Philippines: 'Suffering Behind Every Door'

Stephen A Clark, writes from Malate, Manila:

Dear Editor, We visited some friends in a town where a recent typhoon gave rise to extensive landslides on the mountain roads and many deaths as a result. The biggest loss was when 30+ people ran into a five story concrete government building, ironically for safety, and the whole mountainside slid off, destroying the structu...

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Westminster J&P support Christian leaders call for Israel to rescind new Nation State Law.

Re: ICN 4 November 2018 Holy Land: Christian leaders ask Israel to rescind new Nation State Law.

Having studied the statement made by the assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land (see below), we, the Westminster Justice and Peace Commission, would wish to support this statement.

The spirit of dialogue, as mentioned, is so vital in any negotiation of a peaceful resolution...

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Comment: Pray for the judges who freed Asia Bibi

Lord Alton of Liverpool writes: When I met Chief Justice Saqib Nasir in Islamabad earlier this month I felt that I had met an honest judge who wanted to rectify an appalling injustice. He and his colleagues could have been intimidated by the lynch mob who have been baying for the blood of this innocent woman. Instead of which he has weighed the evidence and shown integrity a...

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Celia Brigstock


Many thanks to all of those who came to Celia's funeral your support meant a great deal to her family. Thank you also to those who sent messages, prayers and donations, it has been hugely appreciated.

For those who were not present at her funeral, Father David Harold Barry was luckily in the UK and took a beautiful funeral Mass. Father David is a family friend but who also worked closely ...

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Letter re Turkana Summer Youth Camp

Dear ICN,

As a supporter and volunteer and New Ways I read the article on 4 September (Letter from Turkana: Summer Youth Camp at Muketuri) https://www.indcatholicnews.com/news/35573 with great interest.

I have been fortunate to meet Lourdes Larruy and several of her Missionary Community of St Paul the Apostle (MCSPA) colleagues over a number of years while attending fundraising even...

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Season of Creation

The Season of Creation 1 September to 4 October is underway now. The Whats-on page of Green Christian's website lists 50 church 'Care for Creation' type events happening this autumn throughout the UK organised by many different organisations.

If you have an event that you would like to promote - listing details are on the site too. See: http://www.greenchristian...

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Letter re: Jahalin demolitions

Thank you to those of you who have already done so much in support of Kham al Ahmar Tyre School and village. This has resulted in international diplomats visiting the village and condemnations that caused the delay in demolition and a new court hearing.

The Jahalin Advocacy Coordinator and the Comboni Sisters who work with the Jahalin Bedouin have sent their thanks to everyone who is supp...

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Letter re: DR Congo Bishops issue famine alarm

The central Grand Kasai region is a vast area divided into five provinces, rich in diamonds, but plagued by territorial and political tensions over competing mineral interests.

Why is a country blessed by God with countless natural resources, diamonds, gold, cobalt, etc, etc; dealing with famine?

Territorial and political tensions are caused by those who are desperate to exploit in ...

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Letter: Venerable Mary Potter

Ven Mary Potter

Dear ICN

Interesting your report on Mary Potter procession in Nottingham.

Disappointed though that no mention was made of her early life in Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire. She moved to Southsea with her mother from London and the house where she lived is located in a well known Southsea street. Her vocation was actually formed in Southsea after she had read 'True Devotion to Mary' ...

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