Letters either commenting on stories we have published, or raising issues relevant to Catholics.

Letter: The time is right to recognise Palestine

Sir Vincent Fean, Chair of trustees of the Balfour Project writes:

The Balfour Project drafted the letter below, appearing in the Times today, signed by Parliamentarians from the four biggest British parties.

Last week a group of Catholic Bishops and the Anglican Bishop of Southwark issued a communique at the end of their latest visit to Palestine. The Bis...

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Letter - Ealing Abbey: 'Growing in Connectedness'

The findings of the IICSA report about Ealing Abbey, published on 24 October 2019 were disseminated by the Times, Telegraph and in The Guardian as well as the Evening Standard, The Tablet, Catholic Herald, BBC and other publications. These findings call for an enormous task of restorative action and justice for Ealing Abbey to undertake so that we can be truly accountable, make amends and to wi...

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Invitation to parish evangelisation awareness day


Parish priests and lay parishioners who are interested in evangelisation are invited to attend an innovative outreach day led by cell members from two diverse parishes sharing the fruits, joys and challenges of parish evangelisation cells - Holy Innocents' in Orpington and St Antony of Padua in Forest Gate...

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Letter: Fox News must stop attacking Lutherans

Here's something to be grateful for: The country's largest Lutheran denomination just became the first US denomination to declare itself a 'sanctuary church body'!

The bad news is, they're already under attack from Fox News and the religious right.

On August 8, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America took a bold stance in response to President Trump's inhumane border policies. No...

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Letter: Get arms dealers off our streets

The 'DSEI' arms fair is preparing to set up shop on my doorstep, at the Excel Exhibition Centre in Newham, London, and I need your help.

This neighbourhood was massively hit by The Blitz during the Second World War, so we know all too well the devastation caused by weapons of war.

As part of local campaign group Newham Against the Arms Fair, I've helped win support from our local MP...

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Letter: We have a God-given responsibility for this wonderful blue planet

The Blue Marble - taken during Apollo 17 Lunar Mission 1972 - NASA

My main concern right now is the growing threat of climate change which, if not stopped or greatly reduced, looks like being the biggest challenge that human beings, of all faiths and of no faith, will need to face up to within no more than about 10 years at the most.

I was born into a Catholic family in Cork City in 1938 so it is unlikely that either climate change or global warming will...

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Open Letter: Hunger strikers: nobody told us!

Fr Joe Ryan

As I write, three people in my parish have been on hunger strike since March 14th 2019. As Parish Priest of St John Vianney Church, West Green, London N15 my concern is for people who are living within the parish boundaries. The Kurdish community centre is based in the parish. This is why I've been concerned about the Turkish/Kurdish conflict for many years.

I, as part of the Imrali Deleg...

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Letter: Statement from Islamic Studies Association Delhi on Sri Lankan terror attacks

The Islamic Studies Association strongly condemns the acts of terror triggered by multiple bomb blasts on the Easter morning on worshippers in churches and many guests at hotels in Sri Lanka that destroyed mercilessly more than 300 innocent lives and critically injured more than 500 people.

We offer condolences to all bereaved families. We share their grief and pain as fellow human bein...

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Letter: US Catholic lawyers' trip to Israel/Palestine, whitewashing Israeli Apartheid and occupation

When Kairos Palestine learned about the Catholic Lawyers Guild of Chicago's educational trip to Israel/Palestine (March 30-April 5, 2019), Kairos Palestine wrote a closed letter to the association and co-sponsors of the trip, the Chicago Bar Association and the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois.

The letter urged the guild to cancel or alter its program. Many aspects of the itiner...

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Letter: Novena to Our Lady Untier of Knots

A group of us have set up a novena to Our Lady Untier of Knots asking for prayers for private intentions and everyone involved in ministry, evangelisation, prayer groups etc and for all Catholic organisations and charities, that the Holy Spirit will empower us and bless our work. It started on Sunday, 10 March and will finish just before the Feast of St Joseph, 19 Marc...

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Letter: Appeal for support for Ziada family

Saad Ziada standing on ruins of his home where 6 family members from 3 generations were killed

Dear Friends,

We recently started a fundraising campaign in support of the Ziada family from Gaza in Palestine who are taking legal action against the Israeli military in a Dutch court for war crimes. The Campaign is a single-issue group of concerned citizens who have come together with the specific aim of raising funds to support the Ziada family in their quest for justice. I am enclo...

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Has the world turned its back on the Palestinian people?

Letter re: ICN 29 January 2019 WCC pulls Ecumenical Accompaniers from Hebron due to security concerns

What a tragedy in every way! Anyone who has visited Hebron will know what a travesty of justice and of international law and Geneva Conventions exists there already!

As it says in this announcement from the WCC,

'The non-renewal of this mandate and the intens...

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Letter: Democracy is a GIFT, let's not lose it

Re: ICN 13 December 1018 Church voices concern over Settlement Scheme for EU citizens

I was delighted to read that Bishop Paul (who is based in Hertfordshire) said quite a lot in relation to the EU settled status scheme. It is good to know that the Church is aware that a number of people will have to go through this process.

In 1998, I started my History ...

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