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News on Laudatio Si, NJPN, Christian environmental groups, initiatives such as Green Christian, peace movements such as Pax Christi & Christian CND, and statements on JPIC from the Pope, the Vatican, and dioceses.

Save the Earth/Abolish War - Conference and Competition

A Conference in Central London on Saturday 29 June, organised by the Movement for the Abolition of War, (MAW) will examine the theme of militarism and the environment. The morning sessions will concentrate on how war and preparation for war accelerate climate change. In the afternoon, the focus is on the abolition of war, drawing on past initiatives.

The speakers will be Molly Scott Cato,...

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Pax Christi Peace Award Winners 2019

L-R: Bishop Nicholas Hudson,  Fr Joe Ryan, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon

Four peace activists were presented with Pax Christi peace medals at the Pax Christi UK AGM in London on 18 May 2019. The awards are given every two years.

Fr Joe Ryan

Fr Joe is a parish priest of the Westminster Diocese and Chair of the Westminster Justice and Peace Commission since 2005. In 2006 he secured a fieldworker - Barbara Kentish - and established an office for J&P in his ...

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Peacemakers gather for vibrant Pax Christi AGM 2019

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon with award winners Fr Joe Ryan, Peter van den Dungen, Anna and Eleanor Marshall and Theresa Alessandro

A buzzing room of around 80 Pax Christi UK members and supporters gathered in London on Saturday for the Annual General Meeting of the Catholic peace movement in Britain. They included people from the dioceses of Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Salford, Shrewsbury, Southampton and Westminster, and two from Pax Christi in Scotland. Peace activists Bruce Kent and Valerie Fle...

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Christian Aid report says UK must act to stop spiralling debt of world's poorest countries

Amanda Mukwashi  Chief Executive Officer, Christian Aid

The UK must step up and meet its moral responsibility to avert debt crises in developing countries that are often struggling to recover in the wake of humanitarian emergencies, a new report by Christian Aid has said.

The early 2000s saw a major round of debt relief for countries caught in a trap of debt repayments, in response to the Jubilee 2000 campaigns. Since the western financial cri...

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Coventry: Pax Christi protest over city investments in arms trade

Ann Farr, Paul McGowan, Andrew Rigby,  Paschal Somers outside Coventry Cathedral

This morning, 16th May, for the seventh year running, members of Coventry Justice and Peace Group, Pax Christi, Passionists and Coventry Quakers stood outside Coventry Cathedral before the Annual Council Meeting and Mayor Making.

They were asking the Council, as part of the West Midlands Consortium, to stop investing their money in the Arms Trade and contributing to war, death and destruc...

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2019 European MEP Election - Prayer and resources

Our Lady of Europe, Gibraltar  © Gibmetal77  Wiki image

Prayer for the 2019 European Elections

Lord, as we approach the European MEP elections, grant to us and across Europe the wisdom and courage we need, to make the right choices. Move us to carry out our duties as responsible citizens with respect for the rights of all Europeans citizens. By voting in a spirit...

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London: Conscientious Objectors' Day 2019

Conscientious Objectors' Day on 15 May, was marked around the world with prayers, vigils and ceremonies. In London, about 200 people, including some descendants of First World War COs, gathered at the Conscientious Objectors' stone in Tavistock Square for the annual commemoration ceremony.

Among those attending were Theresa Alessandro, new director of Pax Christi UK, Pat Gaffney, Bruce Ke...

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Jay Sutherland: 'militarism is a youth issue'

Jay Sutherland, founder member of Scotland Against Militarism, gave the following address at the International Conscientious Objectors' Day ceremony held in Tavistock Square today. (report to follow)

"When most people think of militarism it's something easy to picture - tanks, guns, bombs - but as we all know it's much more than that. The armed forces rely on society having this...

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Bishops issue resolution on world's 'unprecedented ecological crisis'

The Bishops of England and Wales, at their plenary meeting in Valladolid, issued the following resolution on Monday: The Stewardship of God's Creation

In the light of Pope Francis' teaching in Laudato Si and reaffirming our commitment to the principles outlined in our 2002 document "The Call of Creation," the Bishops' Conference recognises that humanity is in an unp...

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URC votes to divest from fossil fuel companies

The United Reformed Church (URC) has unanimously approved a proposal to divest from fossil fuel companies.

The Revd Dr David Pickering, Moderator of the URC National Synod of Scotland, presented the resolution at the meeting of the URC Mission Council, which took place at the High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, from May 13-15.

He was supported in the preparation of the resoluti...

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Pacific Climate Warriors visit UK

Climate Warriors: Auimatagi Joseph, Brianna and Sione on visit to UK from Pacific islands

"The Pacific is the canary in the coalmine right now. So we're the first to go, if nothing happens, but eventually it's going to affect you guys too if you don't curb these habits of consumption which is driving your addiction to fossil fuels" - so say Auimatagi Joseph, Brianna and Sione who currently visiting the UK.

Joseph, Brianna and Sione are young climate activists known as Pacific ...

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Brussels: Pax Christi International acknowledges 71 years of Nakba

Pax Christi International has issued the following statement: Today, Palestinians throughout the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, Israel and the diaspora mark seventy-one years since the Nakba (Arabic for "The Catastrophe"). It marks the deliberate destruction of over 400 Palestinian towns and villages and the planned forced exodus of more than 750,000 men, women and childr...

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NJPN: A thriving lay-led Church organisation for Justice and Peace

Martha Behan, Westminster's new J&P worker

Justice and Peace fieldworkers and activists from dioceses including Arundel and Brighton, Birmingham, Clifton, Hallam, Liverpool, Lancaster, Nottingham, Southwark and Westminster gathered in London on Saturday for the AGM of the National Justice and Peace Network of England and Wales (NJPN). They were joined by religious, such as the Columbans, and organisations including the Archbishop Romero...

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Pax Christi International releases 'The Europe we want' - manifesto on May elections of European Parliament

On the occasion of the election of the members of the European Parliament (23-26 May 2019), Pax Christi International and several of its national members have issued the following manifesto, encouraging candidates and citizens to choose for a renewed European project based on solidarity, fraternity and peace.

2. Since then approaches have been developed for European cooperation, bringing ...

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