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Peggy Attlee: Lifelong peace campaigner

The funeral of Peggy Atlee took place at St Thomas More Church, Swiss Cottage London on 17 April 2018. Valerie Flessati gave this address during the service. Not long after she moved back to London from Cornwall - so around 1977 - Peggy answered an advertisement in the parish newsletter of St Dominic's Parish in Haverstock Hill, London. Pax Christi, the international Catholi...

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London: Lecture by Sr Cécile Renouard - 'The Need to Change'

Sr Cécile Renouard PhD, returns to Kensington on Thursday 3rd May, to give this new lecture exploring issues around ethics, economics and ecology; the implications of climate change and endless growth vs. de-growth.

Cécile Renouard is a sister of the Religious of the Assumption, who holds a doctorate in Political Philosophy and teaches at the Jesuit University of Paris. She is also t...

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London Mining Network AGM - Support from Church groups

Pius Ginting

Church groups who support the London Mining Network, were amongst those attending its lively AGM in north London on 16 April. These included the Passionists and the Columbans who back campaigning for justice in the mining industry. The Columbans have used the Network's new educational board game about the impacts on people and the environment of mobile phones. Other organisations involved in th...

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Turn climate words into action say Commonwealth faith leaders

More than 170 faith leaders from across the Commonwealth have issued a call to governments to turn "words into action" on climate change at a summit in London this week.

A letter published in the Daily Telegraph in London and signed by dozens of religious leaders states that "Not even the remotest corner of the Commonwealth remains unaffected" by the changing climate, with the greatest im...

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31 organisations write to Boris Johnson urging full participation in Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Committee

Thirty-one organistions, including Pax Christi, have written to Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to urge the UK Government to use the imminent Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Preparatory Committee meeting to recognise and act upon the UK's international obligation to work for a world free of nuclear weapons. In addition the letter encourages the UK Government to participate in ...

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Stop Bombing Syria protests: Bruce Kent questions legality of airstrikes

UCL students at the protest. L-R: Grace Edwards,  Megan Jones, Maria Duster, Jemima Brennan

Protests against Saturday's airstrikes on Syria took place in a number of cities across the UK on Monday. A huge crowd gathered in Parliament Square, at the same time as Prime Minister Theresa May was being grilled by MPs in the Commons over the attacks.

The Prime Minister decided over the weekend to join US and France in launching airstrikes on Syria, targeting the Assad regime's allege...

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UK: Don't bomb Syria protests today

Rally in London on Friday

Peace rallies are planned across the UK today (Monday, 16 April) to urge the UK government not to take any further military action against Syria.

In London, Bruce Kent, CND Vice President, musician Brian Eno, Stop the War President Lindsey German, Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP and Francesca Martinez actress, will be among the speakers at a demonstration in Parliament Square, starting at 5.30pm....

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Pope renews appeal for peace in Syria

At the Regina Coeli with pilgrims gathered in St Peter's Square today (Sunday) Pope Francis once again appealed for peace in Syria.

The Holy Father said: "I am deeply troubled by the current world situation in which, despite the instruments available to the international community, there is still difficulty in agreeing to a common action in favour of peace in Syria and other regions of th...

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Pax Christi: Post Easter Reflection - Two


3rd Sunday - Jesus invites us to look and see

Acts 3:13-15, 17-19, 1 John 2:1-5, Gospel Luke 24:35-48

The disciples are sharing their stories about the risen Lord. There is A general hubbub, and it is not clear who is listening to whom, if anyone is. Into this atmosphere, the Lord steps and announces 'Peace'. Naturally, this causes gr...

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Syria: Pax Christi comments on military strikes

In the wake of this morning's attacks on Syria by the US, UK and Francis, Pax Christi International issued this statement:

"Pax Christi International deeply believes that the possible air attacks by the US and its allied countries shouldn't be the response to this recent chemical weapons attack because they will cause further suffering of innocent Syrian civilians and could escal...

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Syria: Pax Christi asks world leaders to refrain from air strikes, and stabilize relations for long-term peace

Mass grave

Pax Christi International said in a statement today:

Syria's seven-year war has completely devastated the country and created the worst humanitarian crisis of our lifetime. More than half of Syria's people have been killed or fled. Over 13 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, while aid workers haven't been able to deliver aid in many parts of the country due to...

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Westminster Pilgrimage: Day 6

Tournus to Assisi - Reconciliation; finding the soul of Europe. An early start after a full day at Taizé. With heads buzzing with new memories and fresh ideas for action, we headed for the foothills of the Alps. Scenery became more and more mountainous as we approached the snowline near the entrance to the Mont Blanc Tunnel. All was going well until, almost in sight of the ...

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Quakers oppose military action in Syria

Quakers in Britain are urging the UK government not to take military action in Syria and to work for peace instead. Their statement reads:

"We see with horror the death and devastation being imposed on the people in and around Syria. We believe that the use of chemical weapons should be challenged. However, as a faith community our religious understanding and experience is that true peace...

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Marking the White Rose anniversary

Seventy-five years ago, on 18 February 1943, Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie were caught distributing anti-Nazi leaflets in Munich University. Five days later they were tried and executed for high treason on Hitler's direct orders, along with another student Christoph Probst.

The other three leading collaborators, Kurt Huber, Alex Schmorell and Willi Graf, were rounded up shortly afterw...

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