Website Updates

Articles with important website updates, including recent changes to our website itself and related things such as our mailing list.

Improved ICN support for US & Canada

Back in April 2017, we redesigned the ICN website to better support increasing usage of smart phones and tablets, where 60% of our audience now view our website from a mobile device (up from 45% back in April 2017).

Now moving into 2019 we've been looking into other demographics, and one that stood out was that although ICN is based in the UK, our users come from all over the world, so we...

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Updates to our Mailing List

It's been just over a month now since we redesigned ICN, and we've been getting lots of feedback that users are enjoying the new look and faster loading times.

However there are two small issues that have been mentioned a few times relating to our mailing list.

The first is that many readers who were subscribed to the mailing list have reported not receiving daily emails sin...

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New look for ICN

ICN was set up back in 2000, and now although our audience has increased to millions of unique viewers every year - the design of ICN hasn't really changed. In the past couple of years in particular our audience has risen to almost 45% from mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, which the site is not currently designed for. Text is very small & navigating it is a very slow process.

As of ...

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Find jobs, accommodation, retreats, and more, with ICN Classified Ads

Looking for a job, a place to live or just want to get a way for a break? Independent Catholic News now has free classified sections, advertising jobs, accommodation, (both commercial and private), holidays, pilgrimages, retreats, business and other services. This section is updated daily. You can find ICN Classified ads on our home page, or click on the following: Jobs: w...

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