Book: Dragon Lords on Holy Island

A Clerk of Oxford writes: My book, Dragon Lords: The History and Legends of Viking England, is officially published today, which is (entirely by accident) a significant date. By some strange chance, June 8 more than once saw an important moment in the history of Viking-ruled England.

First, it was the date (probably) of the famous Viking attack on the island monastery of Lindisfa...

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Book: Trade is War

Trade is War by Yash Tandon, OR Books.

Trade wars and tariffs are in the news, thanks to President Trump's populist protectionism. However, readers of ICN are probably already well aware of the moral arguments surrounding trade. The wealthy world's trade policies have had a devastating effect on the developing world. This timely book explains how the US and EU subsidise their agr...

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Africa is a continent, not a country

Institutions and Democracy in Africa, Edited by Nic Cheeseman, Cambridge University Press, 2018

ICN readers are a worldly, sophisticated bunch, so it might come as a surprise that there are people who make generalisations about Africa, as if it is one country, rather than 57. This collection of essays punctures the myth that African governance is in a state of perpetual chaos, wi...

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Book: Seeking Communion

Seeking Communion: A Collection of Conversations by Joseph Victor Edwin SJ. The title of this book doesn't give you much of an indication of it's about-and for that reason you might skip the book if you spotted it in a bookshop. But please don't! Despite its bland title, it contains valuable bits of wisdom. It is a collection of interviews with a number of people from acros...

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Book: Our Spiritual Lifeline - The oxygen of Christian Prayer

Our Spiritual Lifeline - The oxygen of Christian Prayer - by Fr Jim McManus CSsR, Redemptorist Publications

"As you are sons, God has sent into our hearts the Spirit of His Son, crying ' Abba, Father." Gal.4.6. The above is one of the most accurate descriptions of what happens in prayer and Paul is inspired. Fr MacManus has given us a work that is both timely and...

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Books: Christians Living Among Muslims

During the Summer Course on Interfaith Dialogue and Pilgrimage, at Henry Martyn Institute, Hyderabad, on 3 May, Dr Geevarghese Yulios, Metropolitan Bishop of the Ahmedabad Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, launched two books: I Am Indeed Their Brother: Loving and Serving Allah's Poor by Maryknoll Father Bob McCahill and Lord The Air Smells Good, in honour of Fr...

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Book: A Higher Loyalty by James Comey

A Higher Loyalty by James Comey, published by Macmillan, £20

James Comey famously lost his job as director of the FBI after refusing to pledge his loyalty to President Trump, and more specifically to "fix the Russian thing." The blow-by-blow accounts of Comey's surreal exchanges with the president have been covered widely elsewhere. ICN readers who follow the news will also be f...

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Book: Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump

Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump, Miguel A De La Torre (editor),Orbis Books, 2017, £19.99 (available from Alban Books Edinburgh).

One year and a half ago the impossible happened in the United States: Donald Trump, a New York real estate mogul, former casino owner, known womaniser and with dubious financial connections with Russian mafiosi was elected President.


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Book: Enlightenment Now

Enlightenment Now: the case for reason, science, humanism and progress, by Steven Pinker, Allen Lane, £25

Bill Gates has anointed Enlightenment Now as his favourite book of all time. No wonder: the author, Steven Pinker, provides proof that the logic underlying the Gates Foundation's work is correct. Despite the daily diet of misery in the news, the hard evidence shows that the world is ...

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Pope hopes for fairer distribution of wealth

In a preface to a new book out on 12 April, entitled 'Power and Money: Social Justice according to Bergoglio' by Michele Zanzucchi, Pope Francis once again proposes an economic system that favors everyone instead of a few.

Pope Francis talks about an "ambivalence" created by the world of finance and commerce. Never before have these two worlds allowed so many people to benefit from so ma...

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Vaughan: The shy, gifted communicator

Cardinal Vaughan

In the timid, intelligent eyes of a rather tall, handsome and rather stiff-looking Victorian clergyman, I see determination. Yet these are the eyes of someone who longed to be a missionary all his life but ended his long and furiously energetic life as Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster from 1892 to 1903. These are the eyes of the person who founded the organisation I work for 150 years later -...

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Book: Queer and Catholic: A life of contradiction

Queer and Catholic: A life of contradiction by Mark Dowd, Hardback. Published by Darton, Longman and Todd, 2017 £14.99 224 pages

Mark Dowd's account of coming to terms with being both gay and Catholic is not, he tells us, another misery memoir. And indeed, it races along. The reader discerns that the life force within Mark is strong, carrying him through some situations that mi...

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Booklet: 'Living in the Digital Age'

' Living in the Digital Age ' (A Christian Recipe for Authentic Human Development) CTS Explanations. By Jean Pierre Casey.

'He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.' Col. Ch. 1 v17.

As I prepared to pen this review the sad news came through of the passing away of Stephen Hawking. A hero of mine in that he used his great intellectual gifts t...

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Book: Faith, Magic and Corruption - 'This Present Darkness: a history of Nigerian organised crime'

'This Present Darkness: a history of Nigerian organised crime' by Stephen Ellis, Hurst books.

On a visit to see a Christian charity's humanitarian project in Nigeria in 2016, your reviewer was impressed that her jeep was frequently stopped by soldiers and police. Then the pastor at the wheel explained why there were barricades every twenty miles or so. These agents of the state were not k...

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