Reviews of books written on subjects/themes of interest to ICN readers - reviewed from a Catholic/Christian perspective.

Book: Words out of Silence

Words out of Silence by Jill Segger - Published by Ekklesia -

In these turbulent times, as the President of the United States frequently demonstrates, anyone with access to the internet can comment on events as they happen. But as the speed and ease of communication has increased, so the space and time for careful consideration seems to have diminished. Instant opinions become ever more ...

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Book: Rwanda - An uncomfortable chapter in Catholic history

Review of 'Stepp'd In Blood' Andrew Wallis, Zero Books, May 2019 -

Imagine the scene in 1994 as 500 terrified Rwandans sought refuge from the attacking militia by heading for their local church. They knew that Catholics had protected them in previous violent uprisings against their ethnic group, the Tutsi. This time, the nuns hid the unarmed civilians in an outbuilding. And then...

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US Bishops release book on Pope's teachings on history of the Devil

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is releasing a new book today, featuring a survey of Pope Francis's important teachings on the history of the devil, his empty promises and works, and how we can actively combat him. Written for a wide audience, Rebuking the Devil shows us how to recognize the tricks of the enemy, avoid his traps and defeat his efforts through the power o...

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Book: The Road to Emmaus and Beyond

As the author himself states on the back cover, this is a revision of his 1991 book on the Emmaus story, much updated now, and with an extension into Pentecost. Like Pope Francis, Denis McBride is focussed on the need for a community of "missionary disciples", as spoken of in Evangelii Gaudium #120. After his fine Introduction, the author has four longish chapters - he calls them Parts - and a ...

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Book: The Fisherman's Tomb

'And I also say that you are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church.' Matt Ch.16v18.

John O'Neill has written a brilliant account of the search for Peter's Tomb here. He tells this thriller with the deftness of a Conan Doyle or a Raymond Chandler, with the difference being, that this is not fiction but fact that is living history. It is all about Peter, that most lovabl...

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Book: Hope in All Things

Hope in All Things by Paul O'Reilly SJ is a book that encourages us to find meaning in our own lives and to live in a state of gratitude for all of life.

The accessible and varied reflections in the book are based on the Ignatian insight that in prayer and life we can 'find God in all things'. Through these commentaries, drawn form his own life and work as a Jesuit and doctor, the author ...

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Book: Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good?

Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good? Rupert Shortt. London: SPCK, 2019. 88 pp £7.99/£9.99 ISBN: 9780281078714

As religion editor of the Times Literary Supplement, Rupert Shortt has his finger on the pulse of religious thinking today, not only in academe but in the wider world. Hence this timely book in a time when religion is routinely (and lazily) blamed as a source of viole...

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Saintly Feasts: Food for Saints and Scholars

They say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen - well they didn't consider saints! A new cookbook with a difference, Saintly Feasts: Food for Saints and Scholars links every recipe with a saint, from St Wilgefortis 'St Cucumber' to St John, who was plunged into a pot of boiling oil but emerged unscathed.

The authors, Martina Maher and Colette Scully are two ...

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Why does genocide occur?

This week marks 25 years since the start of the Rwandan genocide, during which as many as a million people were killed in only 100 days. Since then, academics and diplomats have tried to formulate an early warning system allowing the international community to predict incipient genocide. They are partly motivated by the laudable desire to avoid human suffering. However, more pragmatically, its ...

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Book: Twelve Steps with Jesus

Addiction is a major problem of our time, affecting far more people than we realise.

Twelve Steps with Jesus is a wonderful book, written by an intelligent and committed Catholic, who also proves to be an excellent and very readable author - Charles Whitehead writes. In her own words this book is designed as an introduction for Christians and others to Twelve-Step programmes and to the su...

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Book: Seeking Justice in the World (Kindle Edition)

Subtitled, 'Summaries of Papal Justice Encyclicals' this work has been produced by James Patrick Hynes. He feels the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church is a sound reference for guiding the search for justice. He has served on the St. Vincent de Paul Society's Social Justice Committee and the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales Social Welfare Committee and its World of Work Committee.


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Oxford: Medieval monastic manuscripts brought to life through digitization project

The University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries and the German library, Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel, have announced a new collaborative digitization project that will open up repositories of medieval manuscripts from German-speaking lands. The three-year project will ensure that more than 600 western medieval manuscripts from both libraries' remarkable collections are made freely av...

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Pamphlet: Saint Patrick - An Ancient Saint for Modern Times

Saint Patrick - An Ancient Saint for Modern Times - Messenger Publications. Edmond Grace SJ.

'Christ in hearts of all that love' ( Saint Patrick's Breastplate )

Fr Grace's pamphlet is welcome. It is a step towards getting rid of so much nonsense that has surrounded Saint Patrick in recent times. He chips away at the accretions that have accumulated around the authentic imag...

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Booklet: 40 Days and 40 Ways by Fr Henry Wansbrough

The joyful season of Lent is on our spiritual horizon. In recent times Lent has had a bad press. The thought of six weeks of penance depressed many. Giving up things with the prospect of failure and then having to go through the torture of going into the dark confessional and confessing, did not inspire. Lent had been infiltrated with Jansenism and Narcissism . Lent had lost it's intended joy. ...

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