Book: Enlightenment Now

Enlightenment Now: the case for reason, science, humanism and progress, by Steven Pinker, Allen Lane, £25

Bill Gates has anointed Enlightenment Now as his favourite book of all time. No wonder: the author, Steven Pinker, provides proof that the logic underlying the Gates Foundation's work is correct. Despite the daily diet of misery in the news, the hard evidence shows that the world is ...

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Pope hopes for fairer distribution of wealth

In a preface to a new book out on 12 April, entitled 'Power and Money: Social Justice according to Bergoglio' by Michele Zanzucchi, Pope Francis once again proposes an economic system that favors everyone instead of a few.

Pope Francis talks about an "ambivalence" created by the world of finance and commerce. Never before have these two worlds allowed so many people to benefit from so ma...

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Vaughan: The shy, gifted communicator

Cardinal Vaughan

In the timid, intelligent eyes of a rather tall, handsome and rather stiff-looking Victorian clergyman, I see determination. Yet these are the eyes of someone who longed to be a missionary all his life but ended his long and furiously energetic life as Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster from 1892 to 1903. These are the eyes of the person who founded the organisation I work for 150 years later -...

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Book: Queer and Catholic: A life of contradiction

Queer and Catholic: A life of contradiction by Mark Dowd, Hardback. Published by Darton, Longman and Todd, 2017 £14.99 224 pages

Mark Dowd's account of coming to terms with being both gay and Catholic is not, he tells us, another misery memoir. And indeed, it races along. The reader discerns that the life force within Mark is strong, carrying him through some situations that mi...

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Booklet: 'Living in the Digital Age'

' Living in the Digital Age ' (A Christian Recipe for Authentic Human Development) CTS Explanations. By Jean Pierre Casey.

'He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.' Col. Ch. 1 v17.

As I prepared to pen this review the sad news came through of the passing away of Stephen Hawking. A hero of mine in that he used his great intellectual gifts t...

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Book: Faith, Magic and Corruption - 'This Present Darkness: a history of Nigerian organised crime'

'This Present Darkness: a history of Nigerian organised crime' by Stephen Ellis, Hurst books.

On a visit to see a Christian charity's humanitarian project in Nigeria in 2016, your reviewer was impressed that her jeep was frequently stopped by soldiers and police. Then the pastor at the wheel explained why there were barricades every twenty miles or so. These agents of the state were not k...

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Book: HIRED - Six months undercover in low-wage Britain

Could you survive working in an Amazon warehouse, or at a call centre, or driving an Uber? Journalist James Bloodworth spent six months trying to make ends meet on zero-hour contracts. In the process he gained insights into why the UK voted for Brexit, what feeds anti-immigrant sentiments, how people become trapped in hopelessness, how easy it is to end up homeless, and how hard-working, hard-p...

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Book: Dance of the Jakaranda by Peter Kimani

At the turn of the twentieth century, the British colonial administration built a railway between Mombasa on the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria. They brought 30,000 men from India to Kenya to accomplish this ambitious task. The British oversaw the project, the Indians provided the skilled labour, and the African population did the back-breaking work.

Dance of the Jakaranda is a novel told...

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Book: 'Journeying with Jonah' - the struggle to find yourself

'Journeying with Jonah - the struggle to find yourself' by Denis McBride. Publisher: Redemptorist Publications.

'A greater than Jonah is here.' Matt. Ch.12 v 28..29.

'God has created all things for good; He looks on me individually, God knows me and calls me by my name.' Cardinal Newman (Meditations on Christian Doctrine)

Much of my time in the priestly minis...

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Novel: The Cricketer's Wife

"I want to write a new kind of fiction where the characters are living their faith authentically, as many Catholics do, while facing life's many challenges and problems," so says Leah Guy Mathews about her first novel,The Cricketer's Wife, forging a path into what she refers to as a new way for a new day -an evangelizing tool for our times. She sees a need for more Catholic fiction and its int...

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Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos - London: Allen Lane, 2018, 410 pp, £16

Jordan Peterson is a phenomenon of our times. His comet seemed to come from nowhere and light up the sky of the blogosphere. A professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, he was famous for refusing to kowtow to academic gender newspeak. With this book he has become even mor...

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Catholic adventurer writes of faith and beauty in the Arctic

Joe Wilkins' 'Gates of the Arctic National Park: 12 Years of Wilderness Exploration' is a unique celebration of the beauty and challenge of America's remote and northernmost national park….

Included in the book is the story of a 15-day trip with a close friend, Father Peter Harman, who had been pastor at the cathedral in Springfield where Wilkins is a parishioner. During their Gates of ...

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Cancer survivor releases new book on cancer and Christian spirituality

Nowadays, it is likely that all of us know at least someone, if not multiple persons, who have had their lives affected by cancer. For Anthony Maranise, author of the new book, Cross of a Different Kind: Cancer & Christian Spirituality, this is certainly true. Maranise, now in his twentieth year of remission from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, was diagnosed, treated, and cured at St Jude Chi...

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Paul Donovan reviews Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

Published by Little Brown. This much publicised book offers a personality driven roller coaster ride through the first year of the Trump presidency. Author Michael Wolff, takes the reader on a white knuckle journey through the series of debacles that have come to characterise Trump's first year as President. Central though to the account are the different characters and fa...

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