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Viewpoint: It's just wrong… separating children from their family

It's just wrong… separating children from their family.

It's just wrong… abusing the most vulnerable to make a political point, or to further a hateful policy.

Last summer, people the world over were rightly aghast to hear that the United States administration was separating migrant children from their parents at the border. As pastor of a church near the border that is in the s...

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Viewpoint: Academisation of Catholic schools - if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Cllr Paul Donovan

A few weeks ago parents at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary school in East London held a meeting to discuss the proposed academisation of their school by the Diocese of Brentwood. The Bishop of Brentwood Alan Williams has decided that the Catholic schools of the diocese are going into a multi-academy trust linked to the Church. In the Our Lady of Lourdes case, the consultation process was...

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Viewpoint: Ordinary people are waking up about climate change

Phil Kingston is led away by police

Catholic grandfather Phil Kington, 82, writes:

I am relieved that at last the utter seriousness and urgency of the developing Earth catastrophe is being pushed into public consciousness after decades of avoidance by almost all politicians, mainstream media and of course economic and financial powers. Our political 'representatives' have let us down. With notable exceptions, they...

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Viewpoint: A hundred years after Armistice is a time for remembrance and change

On the centenary of Armistice Day, Christian Aid has warned that appalling levels of violence across the globe continue to cost lives and that world leaders, including the UK's, are too often fuelling rather than preventing conflict.

Christine Allen, Christian Aid's Director of Policy and Public Affairs, said: "On the centenary of the Armistice, we remember all those who have lost their ...

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Viewpoint: Call for UK to cut aid to Pakistan

Lord Alton of Liverpool writes: Pakistan receives an average of £383,000 in British taxpayers' money each and every single day - £2.8 billion over 20 years. Yet, as Asia Bibi's case demonstrates, they trample on the rights of minorities; trample on the ideals on which the State was founded; and trample on the rule of law. The UK needs to consider sending its daily subvention of £383...

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Time to stop damaging behaviours of the most environmentally destructive creature on earth

Paul Donovan

There is one animal in the world that wantonly destroys its own life support system, casts its waste around and poisons its own young? This animal also has the intelligence capacity to know what it is doing, yet continues in a state of self-denial to live in such a destructive way? The animal in question is the human being. So much of the ongoing destruction of the planet is due...

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US Viewpoint: I was a stranger and you took my child from me

In the last judgment scene of Matthew's Gospel, Jesus sends a severe warning that hell awaits those who ignore meeting the essential human needs of the poor and vulnerable - and thus likewise, ignore him.

And in reference to those who display a lack of hospitality toward migrants and refugees, Jesus warns "I was a stranger and you did not welcome me." Now … just imagine the indignation ...

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Viewpoint: Back to Basics: Humility and Compassion

Deacon William T Ditewig, PhD, from the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, has written the following letter in his blog: Deacons Today: Servants in a Servant Church

The news about the institutional dimension of the Catholic Church has been persistent and devastating. Crimes, cover-ups, accusations, bizarre and power-hungry behavior on the part of so many in positions of authority: i...

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Viewpoint - The Vigano Letter - a right-wing putsch against Pope Francis

Fr John O'Brien

That there is opposition to the reforms of Pope Francis, among disgruntled elements in the slowly crumbling clericalist, power-structure who see their privileges and hollow self-importance under threat from the Holy Father's desire to return the Church to the simplicity of Jesus, is hardly news. But it seems that nostalgia and lust for power on their part, has now descended to a new low. How be...

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Leonardo Boff: Pope Francis is not afraid of the truth

Leonardo Boff

Text of talk delivered by Leonardo Boff at a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, April, 2017. Pope Francis is not afraid of the truth We are presently suffering an enormous vacuum of leadership, both in the Church and in society. But there is one who stands out from this mediocrity. That is Pope Francis, precisely because he is not afraid to speak the ...

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On re-reading an old book

When I have finished writing this, I shall gently drop a book in my recycling bin, although destroying books goes against all my instincts. It isn't that it is a particularly bad book (although, on re-reading it 35 years after its composition, I can say that it hasn't worn terribly well). It isn't that it is a dangerous or corrupting book (although there are one or two points where, knowing wha...

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Viewpoint - My debt to Religious Sisters

I am not sure I have ever paid a proper tribute due to the nuns who educated me.

This came home to me on the Feast of the Assumption this week when I was invited to join the Religious of the Assumption at Kensington for a celebratory Mass and lunch to mark 65 years of their English Province. It was held in a chapel where the stained glass windows focus almost entirely on the contribution ...

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Viewpoint: Why Catholics stand against fracking in Lancashire

Laudato Si' - Campaigners had a clear message for Cuadrilla on Feast of St Francis last year.

Following the announcement - on the last day of Parliament before summer - that Fracking at the Preston New Road site in Lancashire has been given the final go-ahead by the Government, I would like to outline a few points to Claire Perry our Energy and Clean Growth Minister. Fracking is one of the dirtiest methods of extracting fossil fuels. It's production of gas would not be compa...

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Viewpoint: Is UK ignoring the Jihad against Black Christians?

A new report estimates that more Nigerian Christians are being killed by Islamist herdsmen than by the notorious jihadist militia, Boko Haram. In the first six months of 2018, the International Crisis Group says 1,300 have died in the middle belt region of the West African country.

Yet, despite the evidence, the UK Foreign Office resists recognising the central role of fundamentalist Isla...

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