Viewpoint: J&P Scotland - how we can come together for peace

Ross Ahlfeld of Glasgow Catholic Worker reflects on his hopes for the new Pax Christi Scotland initiative.

I was delighted to learn recently, that the good folks at Justice and Peace Scotland have decided to nurture and develop the implementation of a Pax Christi group for Scotland. We Catholic Workers in Scotland, very much welcome this initiative. We also look forward to benefi...

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Viewpoint: Why you cannot trust politicians with global justice

Rohingya children - image CAFOD

The British Parliament is considering a move that may put justice within reach of persecuted minorities such as Christians in the Middle East. Lord Alton has introduced a bill that would require the British government to ask the High Court to decide whether or not genocide and mass atrocities are taking place.

His private members' bill is significant because it recognises that politicians...

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Viewpoint: The trashing of Oxfam

It has been beyond frustrating to watch the media, politicians and others trash Oxfam over the past week, in what feels like a feeding frenzy that now poses an existential threat to the organisation and possibly to the whole international aid effort. Oxfam does not deserve this, nor do the people at the centre of the storm, who have provided exemplary moral leadership for decades, bu...

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Viewpoint: Has there been a 'Burke Bounce' in Scotland?

Since Cardinal Burke's recent Pontifical High Mass here in Glasgow, I've been following Scotland's Traditional Catholic Mass scene with some interest. Mostly, I've been trying to establish if there has been any kind of 'Burke Bounce' as a result of last year's Mass at The Immaculate Heart of Mary in Balornock.

To be honest, I've not observed much change and neither have I noticed droves o...

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Viewpoint: Pope Francis's defense of Barros may not satisfy victims, but it's the right thing to do

Austen Ivereigh writes in Crux: Pope Francis's defense of his actions over the Chilean Bishop Juan Barros on the flight from Lima will not be enough to satisfy victims there and their supporters elsewhere, but it is wholly consistent with everything he has said and done so far.

But that raises another question: Whether his stance - appointing and keeping in place a bishop accuse...

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Viewpoint: Dear Pope Francis, Thanks, and No One Is Confused

Deacon William T Ditewig, PhD, from the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, has written the following letter in his blog: Deacons Today: Servants in a Servant Church

Dear Pope Francis,

Since so many people are choosing to write to you, I thought I would too. Many of the letters you receive, at least those shared through the media, take you to task for one thing or another. I am ...

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Reflection: Why the 'Orthodox' vs 'Progressive' debate must change

I have recently been doing a fair amount of reading and research in the areas of Ignatian spirituality, Catholic morality, human sexuality, and Catholic Social Teaching. I have been repeatedly struck by the truth I have come across in many passages. I have been moved frequently with calls to love, mercy, acceptance, charity, openness, and a non-judgmental attitude toward other people.


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Viewpoint: The Religious Right will rise and fall with Donald Trump

Rev Jim Wallis writes in Sojourners today: President Donald Trump is the logical hero for the "religious right," judging by how he was welcomed to their Values Voter Summit last weekend. These Christians rallied around the billionaire playboy, political bully, ethno-nationalist, and purveyor of racial bigotry. As a result, he has become the moral definition of their movement.

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Viewpoint: Hurricane Harvey must prompt climate action… and quickly

I can hardly bear to look at the photo of elderly people in a Houston Nursing Home sitting waist deep in water in their wheelchairs waiting for rescue. Yet, I am one of the tens of thousands of people viewing it again and again for the chilling warnings and inspiration it gives us – for rescuers immediately rushed to assist the home after the photo went viral on twitter. That photo reminds us...

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South Africa Viewpoint: Poverty has a face

Annemarie Paulin-Campbell

There are many different kinds of poverty, including emotional and spiritual poverty, which need our attention. However, most urgently, we need to be addressing the issue of physical poverty and hunger. A report just released by Statistics South Africa reveals that more than half of the population of South Africa is living in extreme poverty.

The number of people living below t...

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Viewpoint: Rabbi Lerner on anti-Semitism and racism after Charlottesville

Rabbi Michael Lerner

Rabbi Michael Lerner from the Network of Spiritual Progressives, and editor of Tikkun magazine writes: Many of us spiritual progressives have been in deep grief for the loss of life of Heather Heyer, the woman killed by a Nazi fanatic who also wounded 19 other anti-racist activists.

We are also in grief about the ways racism continues to flourish on so many levels in the US, in o...

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Viewpoint: Blessed are the peacemakers and opponents of nuclear weapons

Ellen Teague

My fortieth birthday was a quiet affair. With three exuberant little sons under five years old, my husband and I simply shared a birthday cake with the boys and then, once they were in bed, a take away Indian meal for two. It was the 25 January 1995. My 1995 diary doesn't have an entry for that day, but I know I ended it with a final look at my cards, a final check on the children, a final glan...

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Viewpoint: Time for some uncomfortable conversations about the Holy Land

Wall surrounding Bethlehem

A month ago, after reading a desperate cry for help from the National Coalition of Christian Organisations in Palestine (NCCOP) addressed to the World Council of Churches, I emailed eight churches in my locality asking whether that heart-rending appeal had trickled down to them at parish level.

If not, I hoped to find out where the break in communications occurred, as this wasn't the firs...

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Holy Land Viewpoint: Loving resistance calls us to dare more than words

Ranjan Solomon, Editor of Palestine Updates writes: We begin this issue with wise words from an apostle of peace- Mahatma Gandhi. It was 78 years ago when Mahatma Gandhi called on the Jews to abandon military domination and work, instead, towards peaceful co-existence based on good will. It is said: “No government is safe unless fortified by goodwill”.

In the tragedy of what ...

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