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Prayers, Prayer Requests

We add petitions as they come in. If you would like a request to be added to this list please send a message to our Contact page.

The Pope Video for February 2024 is for The Terminally Ill:

Action Prayer 25 February 2024 by Judy Masters

The emphasis in our readings this weekend is how God loves us so much that he gave his beloved son to us.

Sacrifices. What does that mean in today's world? We are familiar with sacrifices for our children, family and friends--being inconvenienced, giving time, energy and money out of love. Or denying self for a goal, like work or career. But how do we sacrifice for God? How do we acknowledge God's sacrifice for us? Last week our Action Prayer involved making a Lenten Plan. This week as we do our plan, let's examine our actions, in meditation/contemplation, on what it means to sacrifice in reference to God. Is it more than giving or denying? Is it something deeper, more encompassing, more profound? Is it simple? Challenging? Sacrifice.

Remember Me

St Paul's Cathedral is hosting the Remember Me Condolence Message site - with pictures and messages of loved ones who have died in the UK from Covid-19. See:

Jonathan Roumie from The Chosen prays the Our Father in Aramaic - the language Jesus spoke:

Hear the Our Father and Hail Mary in over 20 languages:

O Prince of Peace,

Once more we hear the guns of war,
Once more we see the faces
Of frightened children.
We pray for the people of Ukraine,
That they may be granted peace;
We pray for the people of Russia,
That they may demand peace;
We pray for our country,
That we may be a positive part
Of peace making in this world.
O Prince of Peace,
Lead us from this dark time
To a deeper understanding
Of the global human family,
So all may break bread together
In the secure embrace of peace.


Peace in Gaza, West Bank, Israel, Sudan, Ukraine, Russia, Yemen, Myanmar, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, DR Congo, Lebanon. The Holy Land

For the people of Israel, Occupied West Bank and Gaza suffering brutal attacks and bombardment.

Nadia and all mothers and children and men in Gaza

Cindy Kent having tests in hospital

Peter Corley RIP

Harrison Rowe have child cancer treatment

Mohammed Smiry

David Hoyland RIP

Frank Caprio having treatment for pancreatic cancer

Sally, who is having treatment in hospital, Eva and Henry who have Covid.

Mary O'Brien who is ill in hospital

Fr Stuart Gullan-Steel RIP

Abigail's mother Mary, RIP

Fr Terry Murray RIP

Shane MacGowan RIP

Fr Goyo in a lot of pain

Charles RIP

Julia Forsythe



Simon undergoing cancer treatment. And his family

Fr Timothy John O'Connor RIP

Fr Francis Kemsley, RIP

Fr Dominic McKenna RIP

David Clarke and family

Helen Clarke RIP

The People of Marrachesh affected by the earthquake

John Newell RIP and all his family

For the people of Maui

Charlotte Kirkham RIP

Martin O'Brien who is recovering from an operation

Charles C

For the intentions of Helen and Dave

For Liz who is unwell and her friends looking after her

Jane and Anthony

Colin McIntosh RIP

Emily recovering from surgery

Fr Mark Leenane RIP

Obey Shava.

Anthony. Marie and family. Peter, Sinead and family. Jackie and family. Gerry and family. Sean, Stephanie, Seana, Jackie and family. Alec. Fr Timothy, Fr Tony, Fr Timady, Paul.

Brian, Mary Fitzpatrick RIP. Rebecca Browne RIP. Caitira Osbourne RIP. Marie McBride RIP. Martin McCafferty RIP. Moya Aiken RIP. Billy and Josie Morgan RIP. Alec, Bridey Symmington RIP. Patricia Morgan RIP.

Martin Fitzpatrick

Father Bernard's intentions

Paschal's Mother

For Charlotte who is very unwell.

For Pope Francis recovering from surgery

Seowon Park's intentions

Those who are sick, undergoing treatment or surgery

Gerry, Judy, Jane, Katie Jenks, Anthony, Theresa, Dermot, Mary , Holly, Jan, Sr Anne

Claire RIP

Sister Dympna of St Joseph RIP
Francis Dalrymple Hamilton RIP
Maria Rosa Vuniivi RIP
Brother Francis RIP

Joan Roche RIP and her family

Fr John Craven RIP

Alicia Gilmore RIP

Intentions of Mary Ellen and Michael

Cardinal Zen who has breathing problems

Jo's intentions

For James' family member, who is ill

Hedy Fletcher's intentions

Magdalene Thérèse, OCDS, intentions

Denise Miller

Marek Imianowski RIP

For all priests in Nigeria suffering greatly


Apostleship of the Sea

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