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Quakers will not profit from occupation of Palestine

Quakers in Britain has today become the first church in the UK to announce it will not invest any of its centrally-held funds in companies profiting from the occupation of Palestine.

The decision, made by the church's trustees in consultation with Meeting for Sufferings - the national representative body of Quakers - fits into a long Quaker history of pursuing ethical investments. It foll...

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Letter from Turkana: Celebrating Water

Lourdes Larruy from the Missionary Community of St Paul the Apostle (MCSPA) in northwest Kenya writes:

The people in Gore Ketema, Ethiopia, wanted to celebrate the first anniversary of the well drilling in their village on 15 October. We got the message that they wanted to celebrate the 'water day'. Gore Ketema is a small village seven km away from Muketuri, of which t...

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Pope Francis hosts lunch for 1,500 poor people

Pope Francis invited about 6,000 poor people as well as some volunteers who help them, to St Peter's Basilica for a special Mass to mark World Day of the Poor on Sunday.

Later during the Angelus he said: "the cry of the poor daily becomes stronger but heard less, drowned out by the din of the rich few, who grow ever fewer and more rich."

The Holy Father then went to the Paul VI Hall...

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Pope: When we meet the Lord we will bring only what we have given

During the Angelus with pilgrims in St Peter's Square on Sunday, Pope Francis reflected on the passage from Mark's Gospel in which the Lord talks to disciples about how all men will be called to account for their lives. This is not so much a discourse about the end of the world, he said, but rather an invitation to live the present well, to be vigilant and always ready for when we will be calle...

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Cardinal Turkson warns of spread of antibiotic resistance

Cardinal Turkson

Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect of the Department for the Service of Integral Human Development, released a message for World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) which finished on Sunday.

"I join the International Community to make this urgent call to action in order to limit the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance," wrote Cardinal Turkson. Despite antibiotics saving...

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Iraq: Hundreds of Christian homes stolen

Defaced church in Qaraqosh

At least 350 homes belonging to Christians who fled IS/Daish have been illegally occupied by new residents, taking advantage of their absence and using false legal documents, which make their recovery very difficult. This was reported by an investigation by Iraqi television network al Sumaria. According to government sources cited in the report, Iraqi authorities are aware of the p...

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London commemoration for Kindertransport, 80 Years on

Voices beyond Divisions

A commemoration for the Kindertransport, 80 Years On, organised by Safe House, took place at the Friends House, Euston, on Thursday 15 November. About 1,000 supporters filled the Quaker's Conference Room to honour everyone involved in the rescue of 10,000 children rescued from Nazi Germany in 1938, and to support the Our Turn campaign to rescue child refugees today.

Among those present we...

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Opportunity for emerging leaders from refugee backgrounds

Passionate about changing attitudes to refugees? Want to develop your leadership skills in refugee rights, media, education or arts & social change? From a refugee background? Applications are invited for emerging leaders from refugee backgrounds to support the production of Refugee Week 2019. Funded by Ben and Jerry's Foundation, the new Refugee Week leadership project aims to e...

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Westminster: Faith leaders and politicians gather at chivalric investiture Mass

An investiture Mass took place at Westminster Cathedral on Thursday in which twenty nine individuals, principally from across Britain and Ireland, were invested into two internationally recognised Roman Catholic and interfaith orders of knighthood.

Among the recipients were a London MEP, a member of the House of Lords, an EU ambassador, the heads of the Greek Orthodox and Coptic Orthodox...

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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 18 November

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

"Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake; Some to everlasting life, others to reproach and everlasting disgrace.

But those with insight shall shine brightly like the splendour of the firmament, And those who lead the many to justice shall be like the stars forever." (Dn 12:2,3)


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Course: Is Christianity Wild?

The award-winning natural history producer and author Mary Colwell will be presenting this short course on the relationship between Christianity and the natural world at the Ammerdown Centre in Somerset from 27-29 November.

Many see Christianity as an urban faith, rooted in communities, carried out in buildings, focused on people. It can seem that the natural world is a pretty backdrop to...

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Pope Francis: A bishop is a humble and meek servant, not a prince

Pope Francis spoke about the qualities needed to be a bishop, during his morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta on Monday. Reflecting on the Letter of St Paul to Titus in the day's Mass, which describes in detail the figure of a bishop, to bring order in the Church, the Pope pointed out that the Church was born amidst "zeal and disorder" but also "admirable things" were accomplished. He noted that t...

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Peace organisations challenge EU Defence Fund

Forty two European peace, human rights and faith-based groups, including Pax Christi British Section, Pax Christi Flanders, PAX Netherlands and Pax Christi International, have produced a statement addressed to EU Leaders challenging the recently set-up European Defence Fund with its Euro 13 billion budget.

The areas of concern raised include:

The risk of diverting human and financia...

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Central African Republic: Cathedral attacked - 42 dead

Refugees sheltering in the compound of the Cathedral in the Diocese of Alindao, in the Central African Republic, were attacked yesterday 15th November, by rebel forces (ex-Seleka from General Ali Darassa's faction).

The attack was reported to have been carried out in retaliation for the killing of one Muslim by an Antibalaka militia on the 14th. Official reports state that 42...

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