This is a new category we are developing in which we'll be covering pilgrimages, journeys and visits all over the world relevant to Catholics.

Abingdon - oldest town in Britain

St Edmund of Abingdon

A Clerk of Oxford writes: If you were asked to guess the oldest town in Britain, you might not think of Abingdon. But the market town, which lies six miles south of Oxford, claims - and with some justice - to be the "oldest continuously occupied town" in this country. Situated on a loop of the Thames, in a green river valley, Abingdon was a densely-occupied and well-defended settlement...

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Holy Week and Easter Pilgrimage in Algeria

The UK branch of the Carmelite secular institute, Notre Dame de Vie is organising an Easter pilgrimage to Algeria. Inspirited by the Christian martyrs and in solidarity with the local Church, a small group of pilgrims will set out on 2nd April 2020 on unique journey through walking in the footsteps of Charles de Foucauld and the recently beatified martyrs during Holy Week until Easter Tuesday 1...

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Palermo - City of Cribs

Palermo crib made of salt

And is it true, This most tremendous tale of all, Seen in a stained-glass window's hue, A Baby in an ox's stall ?

This afternoon, I put out my own crib, with its French pottery figures, faceless, each one signed on the base; and I add my usual motley crew of various-sized, variously able-bodied exotic and domestic animals to join in; the ...

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Diary date: Basque evening at Farm Street

Vitoria-Gasteiz  - image ICN

There will be presentations, videos, food, wine and music in Farm Street Church Hall on 15 January at 6.30pm to promote the latest Ignatian Camino.

This year the group will be walking in the steps of the founder of the Jesuits, from 21 September to 1 October, through the Basque Country from Alda on the Rioja border to Loyola, the birthplace of St Ignatius. On the way we will experience a ...

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A moment of pure joy in Czechoslovakia: 30 years since the Velvet Revolution

Main station, Prague

In 1981, Prague was firmly locked behind the Iron Curtain. In those days, few people in the West associated the Czech capital with charming medieval architecture.

Only the well-informed recalled the Prague Spring of 1968, when Alexander Dubcek, the Communist Party leader, tried to move the country toward what he called "socialism with a human face."

His attempts to loosen the chains...

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Hungary, Before and After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The New York Cafe, Budapest

Even in 1984 it was apparent that Hungary was not like the other Eastern Bloc vassal states I had visited. The Hungarian uprising in 1956 had been crushed by the Russians, but the Politbureau in Moscow realised that the Magyars could not be contained by more repression and violence. The Soviets quietly allowed Hungary to experiment with a limited free market in agriculture. Farmers working on t...

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'Exploring Sacred Wales' set to turn tourists into pilgrims

St Nons Chapel Pembrokeshire (c)  Hawlfraint y Goron  © Crown copyright (2019) Cymru Wales

Historic churches and chapels are to become a key part of Wales' tourism offer, thanks to 'Exploring Sacred Wales', a new project from the National Churches Trust.

Working with Visit Wales, the Church in Wales, Addoldai Cymru, Cadw and other national partners, 'Exploring Sacred Wales' will see over 500 historic places of worship in Wales featured on ExploreChurches, the UK's church touris...

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Walking pilgrimage through Kent

The Blean ancient woodland image JS

Last Tuesday, a group of us set out on a five-day ramble from Rochester to Canterbury. Walking in the steps of the medieval pilgrims through sunshine, heavy rain and wild winds - all in the same day - our journey took us down country lanes and muddy footpaths, through orchards, fields and forests, past prehistoric sites, ancient churches, castles, inns and pubs.

We began our pilgrimage at...

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Ignatian Camino in the Basque Country


Bookings are now open for this year's Farm Street Ignatian Camino, walking this year in the steps of the founder of the Jesuits through the Basque Country from Alda on the Rioja border to Loyola, the birthplace of St Ignatius. The trip is being led by Fr Dominic Robinson SJ from Farm Street church and Jo Siedlecka from ICN.

The Camino is a spiritual as well as physically challenging exper...

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Basque Country Camino in the steps of St Ignatius

Bookings are open for this year's Farm Street Ignatian Camino, walking this year in the steps of the founder of the Jesuits through the Basque Country from Alda on the Rioja border to Loyola, the birthplace of St Ignatius,

The Camino is a spiritual as well as physically challenging experience, with prayer and Mass each day and a day's retreat in Loyola followed by a final day of sightseei...

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Bethlehem: Inside Banksy's Walled Off Hotel

Jonathan Cook writes: Anonymous British street artist Banksy made headlines in October when his $1.4 million artwork Girl with Balloon self-destructed by passing through a shredder concealed in its frame at a London auction moments after it had been bought. But in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, a much larger Banksy art project - a hotel boasting "the worst view in the wo...

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Spain: In St Ignatius' Footsteps

The Farm St Church Camino in the steps of St Ignatius set off on Sunday for two weeks of walking and pilgrimage in northern Spain.

The group of 19, led by Fr Dominic Robinson SJ, landed in Barcelona. Their first stop has been Verdu, at the Shrine and birthplace of St Peter Claver, the 17th century Jesuit priest known as the 'slave to the slaves' for his work with the slaves of what is mod...

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Pilgrimage to St Winifrede's Well, Holywell - 'Lourdes of Wales'

Bishop Peter Brignall, Bishop of Wrexham, led the Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Shrine and Well of St Winifrede in Holywell on Sunday. The day began with a Procession from the Catholic Church to the Shrine followed by a special open-air Mass which concluded with a Blessing of all present with the Relic of St Winifrede. Throughout the afternoon pilgrims visited the Well - described as 'the L...

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Saints of England pilgrimage

Holy Island

Bookings are being taken for the Landings UK and Farm Street Jesuits Saints of England Pilgrimage, which takes place from June 8th - 13th 2018. The group will follow in the footsteps of St Aidan, St Cuthbert, St Oswald, St Wilfred, The Venerable Bede and others, exploring Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island, Hexham, Durham and York. For more details see the itinerary and contact detail...

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