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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 9 December 2018

Second Sunday in Advent 2

Baruch 5:9 For God is leading Israel in joy by the light of his glory, with the mercy and justice that are his.

Have you ever felt like a lonely voice, maybe that voice in the wilderness that Luke describes in the words of the Prophet Isaiah as '"A voice of one crying out in the desert: 'Prepare the way of the Lord, ...

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The Pope Video: December 2018 - Let us listen to others

Let us listen to how others speak and live, and let us communicate the Gospel in such a way that they can receive it in their heart. This way, we can be sure they'll understand us. Once again, it's simply a matter of following the example of Jesus Christ, the master of communicating the faith. If you want to share your faith through the word, you have to listen much and carefully.

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Reflection on Feast of St Nicholas with Fr Robin Gibbons

Agios Nikolaos

Saint Nicholas of Myra - December 6th

It is good to have a breather in the dark days of winter in the northern lands of the planet, I expect its also good to have a break in the hottest times of the summer in the south. For those teaching in schools, term is coming to a close and the holidays rapidly approach. In University either we have finished undergraduate teaching term as a...

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Pope Francis: Advent a time to make peace in the soul, family, neighbourhood

During Mass at the Casa Santa Marta this morning (Tuesday) Pope Francis urged everyone to prepare themselves for Christmas this Advent season by being humble and trying to build peace in their soul, in their family and in the world.

The Pope said peacemaking consists in not talking evil of and harming others, a bit like imitating God, who humbled Himself.

Pointing to the pastoral sc...

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Advent Reflection with Canon Pat Browne + audio

Canon Pat Browne gave the following homily yesterday - the First Sunday in Advent. (Year C)

These are the dark days of November/December. Winter is here. And the cold makes us wrap ourselves in warm clothes and fold our arms around ourselves to keep warm. The darkness is matched by the confusion in our politics at present. By the uncertainty of Brexit. By the not knowing where w...

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First Sunday of Advent - Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons

December 2nd 2018 One of the phrases we find Jesus repeating over and over again is that simple, 'Do not be afraid!' I can understand why he says it so often, given that fear seems to be one of the emotions that stalks each of us at some time in our life. I don't need to elaborate as you will easily recognize your own fear and what it consists of, but to be afraid isn't anyt...

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Pope's Prayer Intentions for December 2018

For evangelisation: In the Service of the Transmission of Faith

That people, who are involved in the service and transmission of faith, may find, in their dialogue with culture, a language suited to the conditions of the present time.

Offering prayer

Father, here I am. I know you are always with me. I place my h...

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Pope Francis: Christians must provide credible witness with their lives

During Mass at Casa Santa Marta on the Feast of St Andrew on Friday, Pope Francis urged the faithful to "leave everything, in order to go forward in proclamation and witness, just as Peter and Andrew did."

During his homily, the Pope also invited Christians to be close to the Church of Constantinople and prayed for unity between the Churches. He we must put aside "that attitude, that sin,...

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Pope Francis: It is wise to think about the end of one's life

During his homily at Mass in Casa Santa Marta on Tuesday morning, Pope Francis reflected on the day's reading from the Book of Revelation. It is wise to make an examination of conscience, he said, in view of the fact that we will one day face the Lord. We should ask how we wish to present ourselves when we meet Him, he said. It will help us make progress so that that meeting will be a "joyful"...

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Pope Francis : 'Generosity enlarges the heart'

During his homily at Mass in Casa Santa Marta today, Pope Francis invited Christians to be generous towards the poor, saying a charitable attitude opens the heart and helps us to be kinder. He also warned that the enemy of generosity is consumerism, where we buy more than we need.

The Holy Father said there are many places in the Gospels in which Jesus contrasts the rich and the poor. He ...

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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 25 November 2018

Feast of Christ the King

So Pilate said to him, "Then you are a king?" Jesus answered, "You say I am a king. For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice." Pilate said to him, "What is truth?" (Jn 18:37,38)

Pilate's comment, 'What is truth'? which comes immediately ...

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Text: Very Rev Dr John Hall at Romero Evensong

The Great Amen by Peter Bridgman

The Very Rev Dr John Hall, Dean of Westminster, gave the following sermon at the Evensong of Thanksgiving for the canonisation of St Oscar Romero at Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

We celebrate today the canonisation of St Oscar Romero, Bishop and Martyr, that took place in Rome on 14th October 2018. Oscar Romero has been venerated as a martyr here at Westminster Abbey ...

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Pope: When we meet the Lord we will bring only what we have given

During the Angelus with pilgrims in St Peter's Square on Sunday, Pope Francis reflected on the passage from Mark's Gospel in which the Lord talks to disciples about how all men will be called to account for their lives. This is not so much a discourse about the end of the world, he said, but rather an invitation to live the present well, to be vigilant and always ready for when we will be calle...

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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 18 November

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

"Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake; Some to everlasting life, others to reproach and everlasting disgrace.

But those with insight shall shine brightly like the splendour of the firmament, And those who lead the many to justice shall be like the stars forever." (Dn 12:2,3)


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