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Pope Francis: Celebrate the God of Love

In his Angelus address to pilgrims in St Peter's Square on Sunday, Pope Francis described the feast of the Most Holy Trinity as an occasion to celebrate God's love for all of us.

The Holy Father said that on this Sunday after Pentecost we are called to spread God's love throughout the world.

The Feast of the Most Holy Trinity highlights the mystery of God, Jesus Christ, who is One i...

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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 27 May 2018

Trinity Sunday

The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if only we suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him. (Rm 8:16-17)

On one level I've never found the mystery of the Trinity to be a puzzle, maybe I read too much Alice in Wonderland and Thr...

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Pax Christi Reflection: The Burning Dove of Peace

Fr Rob Esdaile

In the beginning was a mighty wind, stirring the waters on the first day, bringing forth life and light. At the beginning of Jesus' ministry, a gentler image of a descending dove illustrates the heavenly voice: "This is my Son, the Beloved." But there is nothing dove-like at his crucified end, when Jesus expires, surrendering his Spirit into the Father's hands with a cosmic cry of pain.


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Full Transcript of Bishop Michael Curry's Royal Wedding Sermon

Bishop Michael Curry

Before an audience of millions around the world, the Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry, the presiding bishop of the American Episcopal Church, delivered a rousing sermon at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Episcopalianism is the American branch of the worldwide Anglican community; the Queen is the head of the Anglican church.

His sermon, entitled "The Power of Love," w...

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South Africa: Reflection - Taking back the shadow

We are confronted daily with the realities of hatred and violence. Uber drivers are being burned to death. Palestinians protestors were gunned down in the Gaza strip amid protests against the establishment of a United States Embassy in Jerusalem. Recently there was fatal knife attack in a mosque north of Durban at the midday prayers. Foreign shop owners in Kwazulu-Natal have been threatened wit...

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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 20 May 2018

A Pentecost Nation!

"This sceptered Isle", as Shakespeare called England in Richard II, has never been a monochrome culture. Before England emerged as an identity under Alfred the Great (and Scotland and Wales in their turn) our Island was subdivided into different Kingdoms, very different from what we know today. Some of you reading this may well have deep ancestry stemming from...

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Pope Francis: Our destiny is to live in friendship with Jesus

During his homily at morning Mass in Casa Santa Marta on Monday, Pope Francis urged Christians in their vocation to live their friendship with Jesus, whose love is faithful, even to those who betray Him.

The Pope based his reflection on the word 'lot' that occurs a few times in the day's Mass readings and a prayer on the feast of St Matthias, who was chosen by lot to fill the place of Jud...

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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 13 May 2018

Cross Sant'Apolinare in Class-Ravenna

Seventh Sunday after Easter 2018

"I do not ask that you take them out of the world but that you keep them from the evil one. They do not belong to the world any more than I belong to the world. Consecrate them in the truth. Your word is truth".(Jn 17:15-17)

We don't tend to talk about Hell in the way our ancestors did! For them, at least over the past seven hundred...

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Pax Christi Reflection: When we realise our weakness, we realise our discipleship

7th Sunday of Easter, Acts 1:15-17, 20-26, 1 John 4:11-16, Gospel John 17:11-19

Discipleship, we learn from this Sunday's readings, means transformation, means thankfulness, means accepting God's will. As the psalm says, 'The Lord has set his sway'. Jesus prays that we be 'one like us', leading me to the blessed but at the same time terrifying understanding that God has chosen me...

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Pope Francis: Don't dialogue with the Devil

During Mass at Casa Santa Marta on Tuesday morning, Pope Francis spoke about how to deal with the Devil. Commenting on the Gospel of John, where Jesus says: "the ruler of this world has been condemned," the Pope said, although he has been defeated, Satan has a great power and capacity to seduce. He promises many things, bringing us beautifully packed gifts, without revealing their contents.


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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 6 May 2018

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Then Peter proceeded to speak and said: "In truth, I see that God shows no partiality. Rather, in every nation whoever fears him and acts uprightly is acceptable to him. (Acts 10:34-35)

Would you consider yourself to be one of God's friends? It's not the sort of question I have asked myself very often, but it does enter my thoughts and prayers from t...

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Pax Christi Reflection: The Acts of the Apostles - our family album

6th Sunday of Easter, Acts 10:25-26, 34-35,44-48, 1 John 4:7-10, Gospel John 15:9-17

The Acts of the Apostles is the only New Testament book of which we can claim authorship. The Gospels describe the life of Jesus; they contain his Will and Testament and we are the executors of that Will. The letters of the Apostles explain how that life should be lived. Acts tells us how those firs...

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Pope Francis: A good bishop is watchful, involved and close to his flock

In his homily at morning Mass in Casa Santa Marta today, (4 May) Pope Francis reflected on the qualities needed to be a good bishop: he must be close to his flock, awake and watching, defending and confirming them in the faith, he said.

The day's first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, describe how Peter and the apostles, keen to put the Christians of Antioch at peace, send them P...

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The Pope Video: May 2018 - Mission of the Laity

That the lay faithful may fulfil their specific mission, by responding with creativity to the challenges that face the world today.

Lay people are on the front line of the life of the Church.We need their testimony regarding the truth of the Gospel and their example of expressing their faith by practicing solidarity.Let us give thanks for the lay people who take risks, who are no...

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