Reflections & Homilies

Pope Francis: Take time to think about death

In Friday's Mass readings, the Church invites us to reflect on the end of the world, but also on the end of our own lives. Pope Francis based his homily during Mass at Casa Santa Marta, on the Gospel reading, where Jesus speaks about the daily lives of men and women in the days before the great Flood, or in the days of Lot - they lived normal lives, eating and drinking, doing business, marrying...

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Pope Francis: The Kingdom of God is not a show

The kingdom of God is not a show, much less a carnival; it does not go looking for publicity. Its growth comes from the Holy Spirit, rather than from 'pastoral plans."'That was the message of Pope Francis in his daily homily at the Casa Santa Marta on Thursday. The Holy Father was reflecting on the Pharisees' question in the day's Gospel about when the Kingdom of God will come. It is...

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Pope emphasises importance of silence during Mass

The Mass is "the prayer par excellence, the highest, the most sublime, and at the same time, the most 'concrete' … it is an encounter with the Lord," Pope Francis said in his catechesis during the General Audience with pilgrims in St Peter's Square on Wednesday.

"But what is prayer, really?" Pope Francis asked. "it is first of all dialogue, a relationship with God." Man, he continued, "...

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Pope Francis: Scandal wounds hearts and kills hope

In his reflection on the readings, during morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta on Monday, Pope Francis stressed the importance of Christians not giving scandal through the way they live. "Things that cause sin will inevitably occur," the Pope said, recalling the words of Our Lord in the Gospel reading, "but woe to the one through whom they occur." Hence the warning to his disciples: "Be on your gu...

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Pope speaks out against corruption; advises Christians not to be naive

During Mass at Casa Santa Marta on Friday, Pope Francis once again spoke out against the powerful networks of corruption. In his reflection on the Gospel of Luke where Jesus tells the parable of the dishonest steward who later strikes deals with his master's debtors, the Pope said: "Those involved in these corruption rings are so powerful they are like the mafia.. We find them daily in newspape...

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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons 12 November 1017

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Remembrance Sunday in the UK

It is very easy to see in the parable of the five prepared and five unprepared bridesmaids in Matthew's Gospel (Mt 25:1-13) a clear call to be alert especially in our own awareness of the Lord's coming to us. It's not simply being prepared for that great meeting with the Lord at our own hour of death, but those continual...

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Reflection on Pope Francis' November Prayer Intention

November's Monthly Intention, that Pope Francis entrusts to his global Prayer Network to spread among all of the faithful, reflects his concern for the whole of the universal church and the whole of the world, especially the frontiers. Frequently he draws our attention to those frontiers, the realities of the rest of the world geographically as well as economically. He has been particularly int...

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Pope Francis: At Mass, lift up your hearts, not your cellphones

Pope Francis focused on the Eucharist and highlighted the importance of how we attend and participate in the Mass in order to really experience our relationship with God. Speaking to a 13,000 strong crowd gathered in St Peter's Square for the General Audience, the Holy Father reminded the faithful that the Eucharist is a wonderful event during which Jesus Christ, our life, becomes present. Bu...

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Pope Francis: Salvation is not for sale

Pope Francis has urged Christians not to lose the capacity to feel loved. In his homily during Mass at Casa Santa Marta on Tuesday, the Holy Father said that while it is possible to regain a lost capacity to love, if one no longer is able feel loved, all is lost. Reflecting on the reading from the Gospel of Luke in which Jesus says: "Blessed are those who will take food in the Kingd...

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Pope: As Christians we should not consider ourselves superior to others

Pope Francis' Angelus address on Sunday focused on the words of Jesus from Sunday's Gospel, including the Lord's "severe criticisms" of the scribes and Pharisees, and His directions to Christians "of all times," including our own.

Pope Francis said, Jesus explained that the scribes and Pharisees have the authority to teach what is in conformity to the Law of God. But, the Lord immediately...

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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 5 November 2017

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time 'The greatest among you must be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled; but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.' (Mt 23:12)

I have to hang my head in shame, the passage from Matthew's Gospel today is a real wake up call for all involved in ministry in the Church of Christ no matter who we might be. It is also a haunting G...

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All Souls Day Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons 2 November 2017

All Souls, Poland

Since we are celebrating 500 years since the start of the Reformation this All Souls Day is particularly poignant, not because it has any milestone, but because one of the biggest losses in terms of the reformed church was that Catholic and Orthodox ability to commemorate and pray for the dead. Yes, indulgences, Tetzel and the excesses of bad piety such as the varied interpretations of purgator...

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Pope Francis reflects on All Saints

South Rose Window Chartres Cathedral

Pope Francis reflected on meaning of the feast of All Saints during the Angelus with pilgrims in St Peter's Square on Wednesday.

The Holy Father said: "Saints are not perfect models, but people marked by God. We can compare them to church stained-glass windows, which bring light into different shades of colour... Saints are our brothers and sisters who have received the light of God in t...

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Sabeel Wave of Prayers - commemorating the Balfour Declaration

Thursday November 2nd, 2017 marks one hundred years since the Balfour Declaration was issued and set in motion the process which led to the displacement and dispossession of millions of Palestinians over the course of ten decades. A century later, the Palestinians continue to be denied their basic rights to peace and security. · Lord You are the Almighty, the Prince of Peace an...

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