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Film: Mangrove

Mangrove, directed by Steve McQueen, will be premiered at the London Film Festival on October 7th this year.

This powerful docu-drama premieres in a year when Black Lives Matter has never been more topical. Exactly 50 years ago, Mangrove Restaurant owner Frank Crichlow was fighting for the survival of his West Indian business in Notting Hill. Raid after violent police raid was destroying ...

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Review: Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Zac Efron in Down to Earth - image Netflix

I must say I have enjoyed seeing a Hollywood actor, with a huge following of young people - use his celebrity to highlight care for the natural world and sustainable development. I was alerted to widespread interest in the new Netflix environmental series 'Down to Earth' by activity on Twitter and just amazed to see issues from Biodiversity and Biopiracy to the sangre de grado tree and a vegan ...

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London Irish Centre partners with Irish Film Institute on heritage project

The London Irish Centre has partnered with the Irish Film Institute to bring film heritage to Irish communities in London and across the UK. Under the headings 'Ireland of Yesterday', 'Watch Irish History Unfold', and 'Rediscover Television Adverts', the Reels from Home collection includes materials which date as far back as the early 1900s. It includes both professional and amateur films docum...

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The Holy Spirit - a Prayer Video for Pentecost

As we approach the Feast of Pentecost, parish priest Canon Pat Browne and visiting seminarian Patrick van der Vorst, from Holy Apostles church in Pimlico, central London, have released a new film of reflection and prayer to the Holy Spirit using Art.

The Holy Spirit is not a thing. The Holy Spirit is a Person. Someone we can relate to as one person to another.

As human ...

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June release for documentary about Mt Saint Bernard Abbey

The feature documentary Outside the City, about the Trappist Monks of Mount Saint Bernard Abbey was released to great critical acclaim last October. The film documents the lives and deaths of the monks living behind the walls of this closed monastic community, as they transition from dairy farming to brewing the UK's first Trappist beer, the world famous Tynt Meadow.

Director Nick Hamer s...

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Video: Candles in the Night - a Prayer for the World

Just before the eve of the Feast of the Ascension, parish priest Canon Pat Browne and visiting seminarian Patrick van der Vorst, from Holy Apostles church in Pimlico, central London, have released a beautiful short film called Candles in the Night - a Prayer for the World. For the past few weeks, although the church has been closed because of the Covid-19 crisis, parishioners who are on lockdow...

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Review: Medici The Magnificent - Part 2

After binge watching the second in the Medici series on Netflix last summer, I looked forward to the third and final series, 'Medici: The Magnificent - Part 2'. Set again in fifteenth century Florence, it had already been filmed and it was rumored that with an increased focus on Lorenzo the Magnificent, a generous patron of the arts, it would feature great artists nurtured by him - Leonardo Da ...

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London: The Dorothy Day Story with special guest Kate Hennessy

There will be a rare chance to meet Kate Hennessy, granddaughter of Dorothy Day, at Farm Street church in London next week, when she takes part in a discussion after a special screening of a film portraying the life of the celebrated Catholic social activist. Hosted by The Tablet and Farm Street Church, the screening of ' Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story' on Thursday, 5...

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New film documents life of monks at Mount St Bernard Abbey

Outside the City - a new film by Nick Hamer, documents the lives of the Cistercian monks living in the closed monastic community of Mt Saint Bernard Abbey in rural Leicestershire, as they progress from dairy farming to brewing the UK's first Trappist beer, the world famous Tynt Meadow.

The world premiere took place at the Off Cinema International Documentary Festival, Poznan, Poland on 18...

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Film 'A Hidden Life' - Not hidden from the peace movement

Austrian Franz Jagerstatter has long been inspirational to the peace movement. So, it is wonderful to see the life of this World War II conscientious objector revealed to the world through a new film, 'A Hidden Life'. It is written and directed by acclaimed director Terrence Malick, and has been described as "masterpiece" and "one of the most thought-provoking films of 2019". From the start, I ...

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Bishop John Sherrington reviews 'A Hidden Life'

Westminster Auxillary Bishop John Sherrington, reviews 'A Hidden Life', the story of Franz Jägerstätter.

Last week I was invited to a private viewing of A Hidden Life. This deeply moving film, directed by Terence Malick, presents the struggle of Blessed Franz Jägerstätter to live his decision in conscience and refuse to take the military oath to Hitler. Franz Jägerstätter w...

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Looking back at Christmas TV

As the Yuletide festivities built up in December, I anticipated a diet of popular TV programs and 'special' editions of regular favourites like University Challenge, alongside film classics such as Brief Encounter. Happily we seem to have escaped from The Guns of Navarone this year. There still was a wealth of sugary romantic comedy and thin domestic episodes, in addition to a new hallo e'en sp...

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Bishop Robert Barron on 'The Crown'

For those who've been watching 'The Crown' - Bishop Robert Barron gives a very insightful commentary here on season three of the series - particularly its focus on several religious themes - through its depiction of Prince Philip and his mother, and the Prince's meeting with the Apollo 8 astronauts.

He describes how "this marvellously written program presents one of the great fault lines ...

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Documentary on Fr Patrick Peyton wins film award

Venerable Patrick Peyton

The upcoming documentary - Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton - was awarded Best Documentary at the 2nd Annual God Country Family Christian Film Festival held last week in Eau Claire in Wisconsin.

Produced by Family Theater Productions (FTP) in association with Windrider Productions, PRAY profiles the Holy Cross priest, Venerable Patrick Peyton, who was born on 9 January 1909 in Carracastl...

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