ICN - 16th birthday today

Jo Siedlecka with Jean Vanier when he was awarded the 2015 Templeton Prize

Jo Siedlecka with Jean Vanier when he was awarded the 2015 Templeton Prize

Dear Readers

Hard to believe but Independent Catholic News is 16 today! Many thanks to everyone who has helped on this project and given us so much encouragement and support.

The technology has certainly developed since the site was launched on 4 May 2000. At that time ICN was the only on-line Catholic news service in the UK and published just two updates a week. Now news is posted up every day round the clock where possible - with many links to different social media - some of which didn't even exist ten years ago.

The number of readers continues to increase. By the month of April this year, we have had 6,436,396 page hits, from 244,791 unique visitors. More than 60 per cent of our readers come from the UK and Ireland, but we also get a sizeable number of hits from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa - and some from just about every other country in the world.

We are currently working on a redesign. The new site will have several more features, including embedded film and audio. There will also an adaption for readers using smartphones and other small mobile devices.

ICN is run on a low budget. Our main expenses are web hosting fees, editorial fees, software, hardware and technical support, which have so far been covered by small grants, donations and e-mail subscriptions. We also now carry some adverts.

If you would like to advertise with us, email: [email protected]

To support our work, donations can be made on-line through the PayPal service on our home page. Or if you would like to set up a regular standing order, please email: [email protected] for our bank details.

We welcome your comments and advice. Please send news, letters, listings and links to: [email protected] - and most importantly remember us in your prayers.

Best wishes

Jo Siedlecka


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