ICN most popular stories of 2019

  • Jo Siedlecka

Coptic prayer tree ICN/JS

Coptic prayer tree ICN/JS

The most popular stories on ICN in 2019 range from news from India, Cameroon, Nigeria and Rome, to reports from around the UK and Ireland, one major youth event, a celebrity story, documentary film and an opinion piece. Is there a pattern? I can't see one. Is your favourite here? Let us know. Here's the ICN Top Ten, based on the number of visits by readers:


India: Militant extremists attack Jesuit school

Sep 12th, 2019


Bishop Davies: 'Bitter and intolerant' Britain needs light of Easter

April 12 2019


Cameroon: Eyewitness reports horrific scenes in Kumbo Town

Feb 1st, 2019


Fr Daniel O'Leary RIP + update on Irish funeral details

Jan 30th, 2019


Nigeria: Christian woman forced to watch Boko Haram kill her husband

Mar 14th, 2019


Stephen K Amos meets Pope Francis + video link

Apr 23rd, 2019


Relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux arrive in Scotland

Aug 28th, 2019


Viewpoint: Open letter asks Sinn Fein MPs to vote in relation to Brexit

Mar 28th, 2019


Film: The Camino Voyage + trailer

Jun 24th, 2019


Thousands attend Thy Kingdom Come in Trafalgar Square

Jun 10th 2019

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