Viewpoint: Open letter asks Sinn Fein MPs to vote in relation to Brexit

image: ICN/JS

image: ICN/JS

The following open letter has been sent today to Sinn Fein MPs: Órfhlaith Begley, Mickey Brady, Michelle Gildernew, Chris Hazard, Paul Maskey, Elisha McCallion and Francie Malloy.

Dear Sein Fein MPs,

This is a plea to you, the seven elected representatives from NI to take your seats in Westminster and vote according to your constituents' wishes, particularly now in relation to Brexit.

The Nationalist and Catholic people you represent have voted overwhelmingly to remain in Europe and their voices are not being heard. The DUP are actually betraying the majority vote of the people of Northern Ireland.

In these days when the government does not have a majority your votes could make all the difference.

We implore you to exercise your power at this unique moment in history.


Fr John Buckley, Portsmouth Diocese
Fr Joe Ryan, Chair Westminster Justice and Peace
Dr William Chambers, NW5, London

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