Conference: The Future of Catholic Theological Ethics

The Future of Catholic Theological Ethics, an International Day Conference, takes place at Heythrop College, University of London, Kensington Square, London W8 5HN on Friday, 20th January.

In his ground-breaking new publication, Reframing Catholic Theological Ethics (Oxford University Press, 2016), Joseph Selling offers an ethical method that reorients Catholic understandings of theological ethics. Catholic moral theology, he says, has been based on an approach which over-emphasises the role of normative ethics, thus confining moral responsibility to questions about whether a person is following or disobeying moral rules.

This important conference offers Catholic theological ethicists an opportunity to engage with Professor Selling's work through such themes as 'human motivation', 'intention' and 'virtue', and also through Thomistic and New Testament approaches. We are delighted to have such distinguished speakers as Joseph Selling himself, Lisa Sowle Cahill, Edward Vacek, SJ, Nicholas Austin SJ, and Mathew Illathuparampil.

In the evening there will be the official launch of Dr Selling's book and a reception.

To see the conference programme, more information and to book a place see:

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