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Salford: Sharing love of nature in Lent prayer series

This Lent, schools and parishes across Salford Diocese have been working with their very own Laudato Si' Centre to create a special prayer resource.

The Pray with Nature series, presented on the Laudato Si' Centre social media channels, uses the Lenten theme of prayer to to draw ever closer to Creator God and to hear and understand the cry of the earth.

Each day, a photo of nature is posted on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels, along with a line of scripture, to help us reflect on the beauty of creation and our relationship with God the Creator.

The photos featured have been sent in from people across the diocese and beyond, with parishes and schools responding with great enthusiasm.

Dr Emma Gardner, Head of Environment for the Diocese of Salford, said: "Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Pray with Nature series - it's been fantastic to work with so many people across the diocese on this wonderful project.

"From the story of creation itself, to the poetic beauty of the psalms and striking imagery of the New Testament, nature is an ever-present theme running throughout scripture.

"This Lent, we wanted to invite people to reflect on these passages in a special way by meditating on them with the help of beautiful photos taken by the people in our schools and parishes."

To catch up with the Pray with Nature series, follow the Laudato Si' Centre on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram today or watch the video.



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