England to be rededicated as Dowry of Mary

  • Jack Valero

right panel - Wilton Diptych

right panel - Wilton Diptych

On Sunday 29 March 2020, a rededication of England as Mary's Dowry will take place throughout the country, in cathedrals, churches, communities and individual homes.

In 1381, England was dedicated to Mary by King Richard II at Westminster Abbey. It was the first formal occasion when England was known as 'Mary's Dowry', although the title is believed to have an earlier origin. 'Mary's Dowry' means that England was 'set aside among the nations' as a gift for Mary. This event is commemorated in the Wilton Diptych which is displayed in the National Gallery.

This year, Christians in England are called to make a personal dedication to Mary on Sunday 29 March wherever they are, in a church or cathedral, in community or alone at home.

As the Covid-19 protection measures are implemented in the next few weeks it is possible that large gatherings will be banned and many will feel the need to self-isolate.

This may affect the planned gatherings at cathedrals, churches, and institutions planning to host the rededication, so it will be possible for individuals to sign up as individuals on the official website: www.behold2020.com , including adding themselves to the map and downloading the relevant prayers.

The webpage www.behold2020.com/Covid19 has the latest details.

In the last two years the Dowry Tour has brought the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham to every Catholic cathedral in England, 100,000 copies of Fr Michael Gaitley's '33 Days to Morning Glory' consecration have been distributed, and hundreds of parishes and communities have signed up to host the rededication.

Further information about the rededication, prayers to be used, and a map of places which have offered to host it, can be found in the website: www.behold2020.com

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