Viewpoint: Benedict, Francis and ideology - an overlooked continuity

Image: Vatican Media

Image: Vatican Media

Dr Pedro Gabriel, a Portuguese Catholic medical doctor and novelist reflects in the blog Where Peter Is:

Catholic social media has been in an uproar with the publication of a book about priestly celibacy, co-authored by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. The coverage of this book has been juxtaposed and contrasted with Francis' alleged intention to allow some married men to be ordained in response to the priest shortage in the Amazon region. Francis' detractors have unsurprisingly taken advantage of this to add yet another criticism to their arsenal, while Francis' defenders have reflexively come to the rescue by attacking Benedict. We at Where Peter Is, urge caution and serenity. The book is not yet released in English. I have already preordered it and will comment on it when I have read it in full and in context.

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