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Liverpool VMM volunteers

Liverpool VMM volunteers

The Volunteer Missionary Movement (VMM) has been placing volunteers to serve, learn and share with marginalised communities overseas for 50 years, having just recently dispatched our 111th volunteer group. We have both skilled and unskilled volunteers from 18 - 75+

Matching the right volunteer with the right one of our 40 partner organisations, the VMM Short Term Volunteering Programme offers the exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in cultural exchange with a new community in Africa. Learning, sharing and working together to empower marginalised communities in the Global South, also allows participants to gain a different perspective on the globalised, commercial world.

Margaret Fitzpatrick volunteered with VMM on our short term programme in late 2018 as a nursery nurse in Uganda. She says: "I enjoyed my volunteering so much that I'm going back again with VMM for three months, and best of all, this time I will be working in a nursery. I think short term volunteering is a great way to get your feet wet and I feel that maybe I'm almost ready to go as a long term volunteer, taking on a project from beginning to end. I have fallen in love with Africa!"

Brigid-Lucy Molloy, a senior staff nurse from Surrey in England, volunteered with VMM partner organisation, Hospice Africa Uganda. Six weeks of her time was spent in the rural village of Kabuyanda where people were very poor. "We found children and adults who had infections and conditions that were treatable, but because they literally had nothing were unable to go to a clinic or a hospital, which in fact, was a long way for them to walk to anyway" she says; "so, with the little first aid that I was able to do, I was also able to make some of these lovely peoples' lives, that little bit easier".

Whether you are a student, professional, retiree or just want to help, we will work with you to find a placement with one of our partners who will be more than happy to have you to help them. Additionally, these placements are ideal for individuals looking to improve skills and gain specific experience in volunteering and development work.

Please contact our programme Manager, on [email protected] for more information.

Our main office is located at Liverpool Hope University and we have offices locations in Glasgow and Kenya. You can also contact our office on 0151 291 3438.

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