Pakistan: Musharraf condemns attacks against christians

 Pakistan's President Musharraf has slammed militants who have launched attacks on the country's Christian population as "Enemies of Islam". In speech to mark the 55th anniversary of Pakistan's independence yesterday, President Musharraf announced that 15 people had been arrested in connection with recent attacks, near a chapel and a school, in which 10 people died and many more were injured. Condemning last week's attacks as "the darkest expression of terrorism", President Musharraf added, "these actions were conducted in the name of Islam. These deranged criminals and terrorists and their leaders even have the audacity of thinking that there actions will bring them to paradise". The Pakistani President's angry condemnation follows an attack on August 9 when four nurses were killed and over 20 people injured, after three unidentified armed men opened fire on a group of worshippers outside the chapel of the Hospital of Taxila, north west of Islamabad. An earlier attack, on August 5 resulted in the deaths of six people when gunmen opened fire on a Protestant missionary school, to the north east of the capital. One hundred and fifty children of Christian missionaries usually attend the school in Gharyal, near Muree.

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