Catholic peace activists to 'disarm' the Alamo

 Catholic peace activists are assembling today in New Mexico for prayer and a talk from Father John Dear, SJ, as they prepare to 'disarm' Los Alamos National Laboratory tomorrow. These gatherings are organized by Pax Christi New Mexico. Tonight's meeting is being held at Santa Maria De La Paz Church; from 6pm to 9pm. Tomorrow morning the grou leaves from Santa Fe at 6pm, arriving at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos, and prayerfully proceeding to the Laboratory by 7.30am. The Christian peace and justice group expects more people to join them in Los Alamos. Maps, and other information, are available on the Pax Christi website. Scientists at Los Alamos 60 years ago worked on the first three nuclear bombs, the second of which was detonated over Hiroshima, Japan, 58 years ago on August 6th. Pax Christi member John Dear, SJ, said: "The work on weapons of mass destruction at Los Alamos Laboratory is positively demonic." Another Pax Christi member, Sister Rosemarie Cecchini, MM said: "The work for peace requires us to dismantle the mythology of war." Referring to the Laboratory's intense, gross environmental contamination, Cecchini continued: "We need to contextualize our work for peace within the whole earth community of life." Pax Christi New Mexico is a regional subsection of the national organization (Pax Christi USA), which is part of the international Catholic peace and justice movement. There are several local affiliate groups throughout New Mexico. Tonight and tomorrow, the group is planning to pray, analyze the immorality of American weapons of mass destruction, and to take nonviolent direct public action in support of life. Pax Christi New Mexico claims that these religious activities in opposition to government-sponsored nuclear terrorism, are the keys to begin disarming Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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