E-mail from Gaza orphanage

 Mohammed El-Ewadi is a very calm, polite, shy, and clever boy. He is an orphan living at AL AMAL Orphanage in Gaza.

Mohammed left the orphanage early in the morning, to his final exam at school. he was ready for his exam, and looking forward to the winter vacation, as he was planning to learn photography and computer drawing.

He was supposed to come back to the orphanage at 11am, as he is used to come back from school right away. We waited and waited. Mohammed did not come back. We went out looking for him everywhere, but we couldn't find him. We went to the hospital many times asking about him, the hospital was a total chaos, no one was able to help us. Finally at 7pm we were permitted to enter the Intensive Care Unit to look for Mohammed between the many unknown victims.

Yes, Mohammed was one of the many victims of the crimes committed against Gaza yesterday. He was laid unconscious on one of the beds. I have no words to describe the situation inside the ICU. I can only ask every one receives this message to pray for Mohammed and all the people inside the ICU and in Gaza.

What was Mohammed's crime?

The only fault Mohammed made was that he took his time solving the exam questions. He did not know then that these were his last moments, he was still planning to finish school and go to the university. He wanted to go to law school.

Ahmed (Mohammed's younger brother) doesn't want to believe that the one in the hospital is his brother Mohammed. He did not eat anything since yesterday morning. He is still waiting for his older brother and roommate to eat with him.

It seems that he is going to wait for too long!

Ahmed is an orphan, lost his father some years ago, yes he was living in an orphanage, but he was living with his older brother. Now Ahmed is living a new tragedy!

End of story. But the tragedy continues.

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