Slumdog and prayers for poverty

  A Christian charity has used the Oscar success of Indian movie Slumdog Millionaire to remind believers to think of what living in poverty really means as part of Global Poverty Prayer Week.


Tearfund Chief Executive Matthew Frost said he hoped Christians who see the film would be inspired to connect more with the reality of poverty.


"One of the things that prayer does is it connects us to the reality of poverty," he commented last night after Slumdog Millionaireswept the board at the Oscars.


"When we connect with God in prayer it compels us to look through a justice lens that keeps poverty in focus. It reminds us of the reality of the way most of the world lives."


The movie about a poor Indian boy who gets a shot at winning millions in a television game whilst searching for his true love, won eight awards at the Oscars including best director, best picture, best cinematography, original score, original song, editing, sound and adapted screenplay.

Tearfund is a UK Christian relief and developoment agency that works with a global network of local churches to fight poverty, transform lives and restore justice. Global Poverty Prayer Week runs from today until March 1 2009. Resources are available from

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