The Big Silence

Group at St Bueno's

Group at St Bueno's

The Big Silence is a not-to-be missed television series on BBC2 which follows five ordinary people who have volunteered to go a silent retreat at St Beuno's in North Wales. Benedictine Fr Christopher Jamison, who took part in 'The Monastery' series filmed at Worth Abbey two years ago, also leads this group. The first part of The Big Silence was screen last Friday and can been seen again for a fortnight at: Part Two is being screened on Friday night at 7pm

If you are enjoying The Big Silence and would like further information on any of the issues raised in the series, the 'Growing into Silence' website offers details of retreats and other resources, as well as links to Worth Abbey where the volunteers began their journey and St Beuno's, the retreat centre which lies at the heart of their experience.

There is also a 44-page booklet available through the web site which acts as an introduction to how to use silence in daily life and explore the experience of prayer through stillness.

See: for more details.

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