God is present in Haiti

Survivors camp in mission grounds. Pic: Camillians

Survivors camp in mission grounds. Pic: Camillians

A Camillian priest, said at the weekend that in spite of the appalling tragedy in Haiti, God is present through the love and compassion of the people towards each other and the tireless efforts of those who have come  to work with them.

Father Antonio Menegon, who founded the 'Foyer Saint Camille' health centre  in 1995, wrote in a letter to Fides:  "earthquakes continue to destroy the little left standing and terrorize the population that is now exhausted. In addition, there is the violence of armed gangs who steal and murder, and the mass exodus from the capital to other cities and towns in the island, as well as the remaining danger of epidemics and the lack of fuel, food, water, and medicines.

"Even in Jérémie, a small town in the south of Haiti where we have a religious community, we have gotten to work to help people arriving from the capital."

On Saturday, he said, three  volunteers (two nurses and a maintenance worker) were coming from Italy bringing more supplies. Another Camillian religious who is a doctor has already arrived, and the centre is waiting for a shipment of medicines and equipment.

In a message to the Camillians he writes: "Thanks to your help, we are able to make the first steps towards the people of Haiti, who are weeping for their dead and who have lost everything they had. Over time, we will be able to channel assistance towards a broader work of reconstruction, but now we are working on emergency needs, which we are trying to meet thanks to your support."

"In a previous comment I said that God does not reveal His presence in Haiti with traits typically attributed to His omnipotence (e.g. miracles)... but He reveals Himself instead through the presence and participation of so many men, women, and children on this occasion, who have tangibly demonstrated that the world is not only full of evil, but rather that there is a superabundance of good and that in the heart of every man there is a great treasure of brotherhood, compassion, and love that continues alive and well.

"In disasters and in times when humanity experiences its limits and its fragility, even its evil tendencies and creatureliness, God can take the best out of man. I managed to get in touch with our missionaries, who are so grateful for the great spirit of solidarity and the extraordinary generosity of everyone, religious institutions and the laity, the press, groups, associations, companies, organizations, and many, many people of good will. Thank you for what you have done and for what you will do and especially thanks for the friendship, affection, and closeness that you have shown.”

For more information see: www.madian-orizzonti.org

Source: Fides

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