Henry VIII's Defence of the Sacraments - twice!

Just when St Francis Xavier's (SFX) Church in Liverpool was preparing to display important artefacts related to Henry VIII's reign - including St Thomas More's gold cross, St John Fisher's signet ring and a 1521 first edition of Henry's Defence of the Seven Sacraments - along came another first edition of the same book.

The first copy, along with the cross and ring, is on loan from Stonyhurst College for display during English Heritage's Heritage Open Days scheme.  The second belongs to Liverpool's historic Athenaeum Club.  It once belonged to William Roscoe, the 18th century philanthropist, and is part of their Roscoe book collection.  They have kindly lent it to SFX, where it will displayed in the same case as the other artefacts.  Sacred vessels and vestments from the church's own collections will also be on view.

The church - which dates from 1848 and is grade II listed - is open daily from 9am - 4pm between 11 and 20 September.  There are daily tours of the church at 2pm with refreshments available in the sacristy.

Source: Jesuit Media Office

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