World Youth Alliance applauds UN Declaration on Cloning first posted 24 February 2005

 The World Youth Alliance has welcomed the UN's call for a total ban on cloning.

Emilia Klepacka, European Director of the WYA said: "This is a positive step the international community has taken to condemn scientific research that is both unethical and unnecessary,""The adoption of this resolution should encourage countries to have similar bans on human cloning in national legislation and promote instead the use of adult stem cells. Our members have worked hard at the UN level and will continue to work hard at the cultural level to demonstrate that human cloning is incompatible with human dignity."

She said: This declaration sets an international standard, and we hope it is received as a challenge by member states such as the UK, which recently granted another licence to conduct human cloning for research purposes. In addition, the resolution called for wealthier nations to direct funds to "pressing global issues such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, which affect particularly the developing countries."

"Most significantly this victory represents a major victory for women. It calls on countries to avoid the exploitation of women and ensures that women from poorer nations are not paid for the production of eggs."

Ms Klepacka pointed out that in the UK, the HFEA (Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority) has been drawing up plans for the 'compensation' of women of up to £1,000 for eggs, due to chronic shortages.

"This declaration ensures that such practices in the future will be discouraged and condemns the utilization of any genetic engineering plans which threaten human dignity" she said.

World Youth Alliance

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