Glasgow: Conti calls for efforts to unite community

 During his first homily as the Archbishop of Glasgow, Rt Rev Mario Conti appealed for the city to face up to the challenge of sectarianism. Speaking during his installation ceremony (see ICN 22 February 2002 Installation of Archbishop Conti) he said: "Respect, friendship, dialogue, co-operation, these are some of the key words of this address. "Indirectly they answer the question as to how we are to face the challenge of residual sectarianism and bigotry which unfortunately at times still mar the face of this great city. "We know there are no magic solutions to the problem..... We sense that it is going to be an uphill struggle, but we are convinced that ultimately, by all sections of the community working together, and the grace of God coming upon us, ancient animosities will give way to a civilisation of love." Archbishop Conti defended the partnership between church and state in the establishment and continuation of the Catholic schools system. He said: "This partnership has worked well and the contribution of the Catholic schools sector to Scottish education is widely acknowledged. "Does anyone seriously believe that the way to foster a united community is to deprive one section of it of its hard won achievements?"

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