Muslims and Christians share platform over life issues

 SPUC's Muslim division will host a conference in central London on Saturday (25 October). The subject will be the Muslim role in the struggle against abortion and euthanasia. Dr Jafer Qureshi, a consultant psychiatrist working in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, will talk about discrimination against Muslim students in medical schools. Dr Qureshi is a past-president of the Muslim Doctors' and Dentists' ssociation and a member of the Muslim Council of Britain's health committee. He is also active with the Medical Ethics Alliance. Dr A Majid Katme, SPUC's Muslim coordinator and the Islamic Medical Association's spokesman on medical ethics, will address the conference on the sanctity of life and the Muslim pro-life campaign. John Smeaton, SPUC's national director, will speak about the pro-life struggle in the UK. Dr Katme said: "Muslims, Christians and all people who believe in the common good must work together in this Divine, Humane and Islamic campaign to uphold the sanctity of life." All are welcome and those wishing to attend should conact Dr A Majid Katme on (020) 8345 6220 or 07944 240622, or email: The conference runs from 1 pm till 5.30 pm and a light lunch will be available. There will be optional Muslim prayer sessions. Details of the venue and a programme will be provided to those who book to attend. Dr Katme can be contacted on the telephone numbers above and SPUC headquarters can be telephoned on (020) 7222 5845.

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