Aid agencies appeal for peace

 Aid agencies working in Israel have issued a joint protest over the violence towards the Palestinian people over the past few days. The Secretary General of Caritas International, Duncan MacLaren, said: "On behalf of the members of the Caritas Confederation, I wish to express our revulsion at the violence generated against the Palestinian people in recent days. Not only have more than 47 people been killed and hundreds injured, but the indiscriminate shootings against even Palestinian children are causing widespread fear and paralysing Palestinian society. "We follow the Holy Father's call not just for an end to the violence and provocations, but for a new start to the peace process to give justice to the long-suffering Palestinian people. "In the meantime the Caritas Confederation has launched an appeal for 75,000 dollars for Caritas Jerusalem in order for them to visit the families of those killed, offer hospital fees for the poor, and assist the hospitals who are dealing with the injured."

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