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Advent and Christmas resources for catechists

The Institute for Christian Formation (ICF) in Cincinnati, Ohio, has once again created an online Advent/Christmas Calendar for each day of the Advent and Christmas Seasons for the 2015 Liturgical Year: November 30, 2014-January 11, 2015. This calendar is a go-to source for information and resources about Seasons and Saints, Scripture, Church Teaching, Prayer, Traditional Activities and Recipes, and much more! Geared to a wide-based audience, there is something for everyone: families, parishes, individuals, children, teens, adults, catechists and school teachers, colleges and youth ministry. Visit our web site at www.instituteforchristianformation.org and click on the Advent/Christmas Calendar link, or go directly to our Advent/Christmas Calendar page: www.instituteforchristianformation.org/AdventCalendarYOG2015/AdventCalendarYOG2015.html.