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Bishop: 'It is no part of Christian mission to insult other beliefs'

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

Following the killing of UN workers in Afghanistan today,  in a protest about the burning of the Koran in the USA, Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali issued the following statement:

'Since the initial threat by Terry Jones to burn the Koran I have been saying that this kind of irresponsible action will result in outbreaks of violence against Christians and others.

'It was with sadness that I read that the Koran has been burnt. I have warned in the past that if this happened it would create a backlash. And that backlash could include the threat of violence against Christians and churches.

'It is no part of Christian mission to insult other peoples' beliefs. Our task is to faithfully commend the good news of God in the person of Jesus Christ. We seek to do this with love and with respect for everyone. And we seek also the freedom everywhere to be able to share our faith. '
Source: CoE Comms