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The BBC and the Catholic Church: statement from Archbishop Vincent Nichols

 Following the release of the Hutton Report, and the resignations of the Chairman of the BBC Governors and of the Director General, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham, said today: "Since last autumn I have been in contact with the BBC regarding BBC News and Current Affairs dealings with the Catholic Church over certain issues. This dialogue is ongoing and positive. "The resignation of the Chairman of the BBC Governors and of the Director General is a measure of how seriously the BBC is responding to the criticisms contained in Lord Hutton's Report. I share the view that a positive way forward for the BBC is now being shaped. "My particular hope is that, in the future, BBC News and Current Affairs will consistently offer the Catholic Church fair and honest treatment. I know that many Catholics, both here and abroad, feel as I do on this important matter." Archbishop Nichols added: "I look forward to continuing my dialogue with BBC News and Current Affairs in the context of their growing respect for the deeply held religious convictions of all the different faiths in this country."