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Pope calls Catholics to pray and fast for peace this Friday

Pope John Paul II has asked Catholics to make this Friday, 14 December, a day of fasting and prayer, to grant peace to the world and make it possible to find adequate solutions to the many conflicts that trouble the world. The Pope has chosen December 14 as the day of prayer and fasting to coincide with the end of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. The Holy Father said he hopes: "the common attitude of religious penance will increase reciprocal understanding between Christians and Muslims called more than ever at the present time to be, together, builders of justice and peace". The Pope also announced his intention to invite representatives of the world religions to come to Assisi, Italy on 24 January 2002, to pray for the overcoming of opposition and the promotion of authentic peace. He said: "in particular we wish to bring Christians and Muslims together to proclaim to the world that religion must never be a reason for conflict, hatred and violence".


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