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Church Action on Poverty 'presents voices we don't often hear'

  • Ellen Teague

A launch event was held online on 8 June for a new anthology of prayers, stories, poems and reflections marking 40 years of the ecumenical social justice charity Church Action on Poverty. Titled, 'Dignity, Agency, Power' the new resource for churches and individuals is aimed at those who want to be part of the movement to end UK poverty. Poverty robs people of their dignity, agency and power, according to Church Action on Poverty. The book has been published by Wild Goose Publications of the Iona Community.

The book draws on 40 years of work and on the insights and creativity of over 40 contributors, including many who have personal experience of struggling against poverty. It includes prayers, hymns and liturgies; stories of people's real experiences and struggles against poverty; stories of hope, transformation and challenging injustice.

More than 60 participants online heard some items of the collection read out by contributors. And there were suggestions about getting involved activities to mark Church Action on Poverty's 40th anniversary year and its campaigning work.

Kathy Galloway of the Iona Community, who wrote forward to the book, called for Churches to challenge unjust systems as well as providing charity to victims of poverty. She said: "I hope many people will learn from this book - resisting, persisting and insisting."

Neil Paynter of Wild Goose Publications pointed out that several members of the Iona Community, which has a strong commitment to Social Justice, have contributed to book, "working with Church Action on Poverty to get the message out." He added that, "we really like the way Church Action on Poverty works" and "it presents voices we don't often hear."

Niall Cooper, Director of Manchester-based Church Action on Poverty, mentioned a special online anniversary service at 7pm on 5 July from Iona Abbey.


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