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New Bible Timeline course with Mauro Iannicelli

Mauro Iannicelli

Mauro Iannicelli

Catholic speaker Mauro Iannicelli, will be running another Bible Timeline Course online with live talks, starting Wednesday 7 April at 7pm. The course consists of eight evening sessions.

The FREE OF CHARGE course uses the Bible Timeline Chart and teaching methodology developed by Jeff Cavins. The Bible Timeline Chart divides the whole Bible into '12 periods' which act like chapters in Salvation History, helping those attending the course to grasp the key stages and the big picture of the Bible.

This course is run by Mauro's Catholic evangelisation 'Come & See' ministry.

Angela who took the Bible Timeline course last year told ICN: "The prospect of studying all 72 books Bible is a daunting one. To be honest I never really tried before. There's so much to take in. But this course helps you stand back and see the Big Picture.It's amazing. I recommend it to everyone."

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