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Argentina: Bishops reaffirm pledge to protect all life as abortion law is passed

Source: Argentinian Bishops Conference

Senate approved the abortion law already passed by the Chamber of Deputies with 38 votes in favour and 29 against. Argentina became one of the very few countries in Latin America where abortion is permitted up to the 14th week of pregnancy on 30 December, when the Senate approved an abortion law already passed by the Chamber of Deputies with 38 votes for and 29 against. Previously, abortion was only allowed if the woman had been raped or her life was in danger.

"The Church in Argentina wants to reaffirm, together with brothers and sisters of different faiths and also with many non-believers, that it will continue to work with determination and passion on its commitment and service to life. The law that has been passed will further deepen the divisions in our country. We deeply regret that part of the country's leadership is distancing itself from the feelings of the people who have spoken out in various ways for the protection of life in our country," the Argentine Bishops' Conference said in a statement.

The Bishops have always condemned "the incomprehensible urgency, the feverish obsession with introducing abortion in Argentina, as if it had something to do with the sufferings, fears and concerns of most Argentinians" and after approval in the Senate they reiterated: "We are sure that our people will always protect all life. And together with them we will continue to work on the authentic priorities that deserve urgent attention in our country: children living in poverty, many of whom are dropping out of school, the urgent pandemic of hunger and unemployment that affects many families, as well as the dramatic situation of pensioners, who in these hours may see their rights violated again."

The press release ends with these words: "We hug every Argentine; also the MPs and senators who courageously stand up for life. If we always protect it, without giving up, this will allow us to build a just nation in the future, where no one is discarded and where a true culture of encounter can be experienced."


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