LGBT+ Catholics Westminster reach out beyond lockdown

London's LGBT+ Catholics, parents, families and friends have reached out globally through Farm Street Jesuit Church's Sunday evening live-streamed Mass for Trinity Sunday, 7 June 2020. Farm Street Church's live-stream Masses attract thousands of global hits.

Usually gathering on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, but now prevented by lock-down, LGBT+ Catholics provided readers and music for the 6pm Sunday evening Mass. As usual, a specific welcome was offered to the LGBT+ Catholic community by the celebrant of the Mass. Their participation was also recognised by the Church's Parish Priest, Fr. Dominic Robinson SJ as he thanked them for contributing to the Mass through pre-recorded readings, prayers, and music which included the ancient St Patrick's Breastplate hymn, I bind unto myself today the strong name of the Trinity.

Prayers were offered for an end to racism and violence throughout the world, and especially for peace and reconciliation in the United States. The Mass also remembered refugees and asylum seekers, those who have lost jobs and are financially vulnerable due to lock-down measures, as well as increasing numbers of homeless on London's streets. Farm Street Church is one of a number of churches and faith-groups providing food and support in London's Trafalgar Square to the homeless. On Sunday, 7 June, they fed around 190 people.

An LGBT+ Catholics Westminster spokesperson said: "This live-stream Mass gives us an opportunity to show globally how a Catholic parish is able to welcome and integrate LGBT+ Catholics within its worship and ministry. We hope it will encourage other parishes throughout the world to value the gifts that LGBT+ Catholics are able to bring to the Church."


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