The Holy Spirit - a Prayer Video for Pentecost

Source: Christian Art

As we approach the Feast of Pentecost, parish priest Canon Pat Browne and visiting seminarian Patrick van der Vorst, from Holy Apostles church in Pimlico, central London, have released a new film of reflection and prayer to the Holy Spirit using Art.

The Holy Spirit is not a thing. The Holy Spirit is a Person. Someone we can relate to as one person to another.

As human beings we use images to make the Holy Spirit understandable. We need to express the Infinite in a way for our finite minds to understand. These images are not just random. In sacred Scripture, the Holy Spirit gets described as water, breath, fire, a dove, a stream… each image telling us something about who the Holy Spirit is as a person.

This rich texture of images that speaks to our mind and hearts takes us to a deeper level within us where the Holy Spirit dwells. That is where are art can help us understand the depths of our existence.

Watch the film here:

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