All Creation Waits at Salford Cathedral

All Creation Waits is a dance/theatre production coming to Salford Cathedral at 7pm on Saturday, 25 January. The show addresses the issue of climate change through an imaginative re-telling of the story of St Francis and St Clare, created by Claire Henderson Davis and Fraser Paterson with a script by Malcolm Guite and soundtrack by Gary Lloyd. St Francis and St Clare are performed by Claire Henderson Davis and Ian Bysh.

Two children worried about climate change ask St Francis and St Clare for help inspiring people to address our environmental emergency and save the planet. All Creation Waits is the story which follows, imagining a contemporary Francis and Clare, coming to terms with the need to leave their existing lives and join the movement for change. It is the story of a growing friendship between Clare, a symbol of the earth herself, wounded and desecrated, and Francis, who is first disturbed by Clare's arrival before being ultimately transformed through their relationship.

More details and a short film prologue to the piece can be seen here:

To book tickets see:

The performance lasts 45 minutes and will be followed by a Q&A.

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