Edinburgh: Peace campaigners to launch Nae Cash for Nukes report

Peace campaigning organisation Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland is launching a new report at a Public Meeting on Tuesday November 19 between 6.30pm - 8.30pm at the Quad Teaching Room G158, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL.

The report called "Stop Funding the End of The World" details Scotland's nuclear weapons investments and the steps that can be taken to support divestment.

Speakers at the meeting are Linda Pearson from Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland, the author of the report, Councillor Audrey Doig who is chair of the Nuclear Free Local Authorities organisation and John Finnie MSP.

Ahead of the event, John Finnie MSP said: "Along with climate change, the growing threat of nuclear war presents an existential threat to humanity. We must end all support for fossil fuel extraction and the production of nuclear weapons, and that means Scottish banks and pension funds must divest from the companies involved. I encourage anyone who cares about their fellow human beings to attend this event and learn about the steps they can take to support Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland's divestment campaign."

Councillor Audrey Doig added: "Local Councils, Scottish Parliament and Government departments have to now look at the moral standing of their pension funds supporting the companies that produce nuclear weapons.

In the past other campaigns have been successful in stopping investment in such items like real fur clothing and smoking. We need to give the support to this campaign now and we will make the future for our children a much safer and cleaner environment in Scotland."

Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland and Medact Scotland member, Dr Michael Orgel said: "Medact Scotland doctors campaign within DBOTB Scotland for Scottish banks and pension funds to divest from nuclear weapons.

We know there is no possible meaningful medical or humanitarian response to use of nuclear weapons. We must prevent what we cannot cure. Eliminating all the investment in nuclear weapons before they eliminate us would also allow us to fund a Green New Deal and respond to the urgent needs of society."


Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland

Stop Funding the End of the World:

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