Fr Robin Gibbons welcomes reinstatement of Oxford college dean

Christ Church Cathedral Oxford - Wiki image

Christ Church Cathedral Oxford - Wiki image

Fr Robin Gibbons writes:

The news that the Dean of Christ Church Oxford, the Very Reverend Martyn Percy has been exonerated of all charges against him (see link below), and can now return to his duties is welcome to all of us who have supported and believed in his cause. The issue is complex, made more so by arcane statutes and procedures which have not helped matters and caused the Dean to be suspended for a year!

This week the College site announced: 'Following a thorough investigation, the tribunal has decided that the charges are not upheld and that there is no cause to remove the dean as head of house. However, the tribunal made some criticism of the dean's conduct and found that there was one breach of his fiduciary duty.

'We can therefore announce that Martyn Percy will resume his duties as dean of Christ Church on his return from holiday on 27 August. The complaint process has now concluded.'

Whilst that statement acknowledges exoneration of all charges, as yet not fully known, many people have noted that the sentence about fiduciary duty really has little place in such a comment about exoneration.

There will be, I am sure, questions asked about the nature of the Charges, why it got to a point where a Tribunal had to be convened, and why the large sums of money used in pursuing the charges?

I have worked with Martyn since being installed as an ecumenical canon of Christ Church and have the highest regard for him as a person, priest and friend, it has been a difficult time for all, Cathedral and College, but not least for Martyn, Emma, his wife, and his family. we have missed his presence and leadership but are glad he can resume his work once more. Deo Gratias!


Canon Dr Robert (Robin) Gibbons KGCO FRSA, is Chaplain to the Greek-Catholic Melkite Church in the UK and Ecumenical Canon at ChristChurch Cathedral Oxford.

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