Cardiff: Church and Mosques to welcome and support Syrian refugee family

Source: Archdiocese of Cardiff

For eighteen months St Peter's church in Roath, Cardiff, and the Dar Ul Isra and Al Manar mosques in Cathays have been working together. Their joint project has been to apply to the Home Office to bring a family in Cardiff from the Syrian crisis, under the Government's Community Sponsorship Scheme. The faith communities have worked closely with Citizens Cymru, who is the Lead Sponsor.

At Christmas they heard that their application had been approved and the pace of preparation has increased in the weeks since.

A house has been identified and plans are well under way to fit it out ready for it to become a home. There are a significant number of individual pieces of work to accomplish ahead of the family's arrival, including identifying suitable schools, banking services, internet access, medical and dental services.

At 6.30pm on Friday 26 April the two communities will be gathering at St Peter's Community Hall on Bedford Street, Roath, to raise further funds to support this work. There will be food, soft drinks, music and news. A modest entry charge will be made. All are welcome. For more information call St Peter's on 07913630683 or Dar Ul Isra /Al Manar on 07798730512

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