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The Catholic Truth Society has announced the UK publication of Christus Vivit (Christ is Alive!), Pope Francis's Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation to Young People. The Exhortation will be presented on Tuesday morning at the Holy See Press Office in Rome. The official English translation is already available to pre-order through the CTS website.

In this heartfelt document, Pope Francis makes a direct appeal to young people, addressing them throughout. The Pope wishes them to understand the important role they play within the Church, highlighting young saints and biblical figures, and even the youth of Jesus himself.

Yet the Pope also addresses the Church as a whole, reminding us of the youthfulness the Church should embody, and of the importance of listening to young people. He also offers guidelines for renewing youth ministry and ways of attracting young people to the Church.

A CTS spokesman said: "Since receiving the final English text last week, our staff have been working round the clock to ensure this important document is available to as wide an audience as possible, in an affordable, highly professional publication.

"We are proud to offer this service to the Holy Father and the Church, and pray that Christus Vivit will have a wide audience among all those engaged in ministering to young people, the work of evangelisation and education, as well as young people themselves, who Pope Francis addresses directly in this moving and eloquent exhortation."

Christus Vivit - Christ Is Alive!

RRP: £5.95
By: Pope Francis
Pages: 104
ISBN : 9781784696177

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