Cancer and Christian spirituality book wins major award; nominated for a second

A book on cancer and Christian spirituality by spiritual theologian and leukemia survivor, Anthony Maranise - reviewed last year on ICN - has won a major award in the USA and has now been nominated for a second award.

Cross of a Different Kind: Cancer & Christian Spirituality (2018) was declared winner in the Religion - Christianity category of the 15th Annual Best Book Awards convened at the North American Book Festival in Los Angeles, at the end of November 2018.

Upon notification of his book's win, Maranise said: "I was sincerely astounded… to the point, even, that I had to email the awards administrator to check if the results were an error! What a great blessing and grace this is! I only hope the win yields more sales and thus more healing - spiritually to those who read and absorb the contents of the book and physically to those assisted by cancer treatments that our sales proceeds will help provide."

Maranise's work has now been nominated, for a Christian Indie Book Award in the 'Self-Help' category. Voting is open until 31 March. To cast a one-time-only vote for the title click here:

"This book was born out of love, written in love, and is succeeding only by God's Love; I am exceedingly grateful for this nomination, but even more so for those who inspired it - cancer-fighters, survivors, and impacted persons who persevere in faith - for the illustrator, those to whom the book is dedicated, our publicist, editor, and everyone who purchases it. The Holy Spirit is, without a doubt, moving through all these persons," Maranise said.

Cross of a Different Kind: Cancer & Christian Spirituality has the benefit of "a rare authenticity and spiritual foundation", according to a recently published write-up in 'Blue Ink Review,' given the fact that Maranise has lived the contents about which he writes in the text. The review adds that the book "delivers a compelling and well-researched look at the intersection of spirituality and cancer" as well as that the book "will appeal to anyone suffering with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses who is searching for understanding, consolation, and encouragement. Caregivers and survivors will benefit from Maranise's experience, strength and hope."

Maranise has waived any rights to royalties from the book's sales. All proceeds will go to non-profit charities. One of his favourites is St Jude Children's Research Hospital, the worldwide leader in both paediatric cancer research and treatment as well as the institution responsible for his own leukemia survival some 21 years ago.

The book is available via Amazon for UK patrons in hardcover, paperback, and eBook.

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