Pax Christi prepares for Peace Sunday

Children in Barnet help spread the word

Children in Barnet help spread the word

From the Isle of Wight to Durham, Pax Christi members are excelling themselves in preparing to mark Peace Sunday on 20 January.

Prayer cards, information leaflets, liturgy booklets, scripts for talks and children's activity resources are flying out of the office to ensure that the World Peace Day Message, 'Good politics serves peace' is shared within the Catholic community in England and Wales. Pax Christi's education worker, Aisling Griffin has produced a special Assembly for schools, reflecting on politics and peacemaking. One parish has created a script which confirmation candidates will use to highlight the Pope's message.

In a Southampton parish, an afternoon meeting has been arranged with Fr Gerry McFlynn of Pax Christi and the Irish Chaplaincy leading a discussion on Blessed are the Peacemakers. In York, Middlesbrough Justice and Peace Commission have organised a meeting with speaker Chris Cole. Chris is Director of Drone Wars UK and a member of Pax Christi Executive Committee. In Harpenden a gathering has been arrange where Pax Christi's Pat Gaffney will speak on the theme Pope Francis Calls us to be Peacemakers - Pax Christi responds. Pax Christi members and staff will speak in parishes in Leeds, Isle of Wight, Leicester, Barnet, North London, Central London, Abingdon, Liverpool, Kent, Oxford,and beyond.

Peter Hickey who coordinates member support in Pax Christi said: We have seen such great feedback this year from our members who have all been encouraged to respond to the Popes Peace Day Message. Whether it's through ordering materials online from our online shop or getting in touch to tell us about events in the planning - we in the office continue to be so encouraged to see our members working to promote peace in their own communities.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, where Pax Christi has just been launched, Bruce Kent will be speaking at Masses in Musselbrugh at the invitation of Justice and Peace Commission Edinburgh. Bruce will also have meetings with Justice and Peace Scotland in Glasgow.

In his letter to parishes Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, National President of Pax Christi said: Working nationally, with a team of 4 staff and volunteers, a huge amount is achieved through the outreach work and resources produced by Pax Christi. Many parishes take special collections on or around Peace Sunday - this support is so important to enable the work to continue.

Because of Pax Christi's faithful promotion of the World Peace Day Message since 1967, England and Wales are among the few countries who seek to educate and inform the Catholic community of the theme in accessible and creative ways.




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