Christians Aware: 30th Anniversary Conference

Christians Aware - an ecumenical, educational charity - will hold its annual conference at The Hayes in Swanwick, Derbyshire from January 11th - 16th, 2019. It will mark the beginning of their 30th anniversary year.

The organisers write: "We are hopeful that many members and friends will come to the conference, to mark such a special year, but also because the issues we will be looking at are vital for the future of our planet. The theme is: 'Future Earth? Sustainability for the Environment, for Farming and for Healthy Food.'

"We will offer excellent resources and talks on work for sustainability, for the environment, for farming and for healthy food. We have chosen this focus because we know that there is an urgency for farming and the environment to move together towards a sustainable future. Good food production must go together with good management of the environment and with care for animal welfare. None of this can be taken for granted."

The opening speaker on Friday evening of the conference is Professor John Wibberley from the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester. Adam Boulter, priest and artist, will lead the Bible study. Claudine McCready and Barbara Woods will challenge participants to work for 'Abundant Gifts. Abundant Life,' for every person. Saturday evening will be presented by David Buckland, the director of Cape Farewell who is also an artist. Ellen Teague, who is a journalist working with the Columbans, will give the final talk, summing up and also looking ahead. Geoff Weaver will lead the music during the weekend and there will be a children's programme and excellent seminars.

Access the full programme and booking forms at the Christians Aware website. Their book, 'Just Food. Food and Farming for a Sustainable Future,' will be a resource to support the conference and is available on the website. It will also be available for sale at the conference.


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