Ireland: Senate approval of Occupied Territories Bill 'a vote for peace', says Trocaire

Source: Trocaire

Trocaire has welcomed the passing of the Occupied Territories Bill through the Irish Senate last night and has called on Assembly Delegates - Teachtaí Dála, (TDs) to support the legislation through the Dail (Irish Parliament). Under the Bill, Ireland will not allow the import or products produced in the illegal Israeli settlements in the Occuppied West Bank.

Trócaire CEO Caoimhe de Barra said: "This legislation is a vote in support of human rights and peace. By passing the Occupied Territories Bill Ireland would send a clear signal to the world that we will no longer economically support clear violations of international law. We thank Senators for their support, particularly Senator Frances Black who has championed the legislation.

"It is now time for TDs from across the Dáil chamber to take a stand by supporting legislation that furthers the cause of peace in the Middle East. Ireland, along with the rest of the EU, regards the settlements in the West Bank as illegal and a major obstacle towards peace.

"This legislation will align Ireland's trading policy with its political policy. It will end the hypocritical position of labelling the settlements as barriers to peace but yet continuing to economically prop them up. Our human rights partners in the region, both Israeli and Palestinian, are fully supportive of this legislation and view this as a critical moment for the world to take a stand against illegal occupation."

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