Advent Concerts with Jo Boyce

With a new liturgical year just over a week away, Jo Boyce has sent a message with details of this year's Advent Concert tour dates...

Jo writes: "Every year we get the same feedback from those who attend our Advent Concerts - 'It just doesn't feel like Advent or Christmas until we've been to the CJM concert.'

"With that in mind, we wish we could do a more extensive tour to share the hope of Advent and the joy of Christmas with more friends in more places.

As ever, though, there are JUST THREE dates this year, although we will be covering a fair few miles between them:

Friday 7 December 8pm
BIRMINGHAM: Advent Concert with Jo Boyce
Our Lady & St Brigid's Catholic Church, Northfield

Saturday 8 December 8pm
SALFORD: Advent Concert with Jo Boyce
St James' Catholic Church

Sunday 9 December 6.30pm
STEVENAGE: Advent Concert with Jo Boyce
St Joseph's Catholic Church

For details and tickets go to

"If these locations are still a bit far-flung for you, maybe we can come to town near you in the not too distant future? If your parish community would be willing to host a concert for the next leg of our How Can We Keep From Singing tour, or even next year's Advent Concerts, then do get in touch.

Please know that you are in our prayers as we enter this precious season of preparation.

With every blessing,

Jo Boyce

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