Kenya: Peace Celebration at Todonyang

  • Fr Andrew Yakulula, MCSPA

Todonyang school children

Todonyang school children

Todonyang Mission is a reference of hope and peace at the border between the Turkana (from Kenya) and the Dassanech (from Ethiopia). The mission has always stood against conflict by promoting peace, development and education.

On the ocasion of World Peace Day, Todonyang Integrated Centre celebrated in style with the slogan 'Peace is All We Need'.

The day started with a procession, followed by the planting of a tree as a symbol of peace. The school children then put on different presentations of poems, songs and dances.

Around 250 people came for the occasion and they all received a meal.

In the afternoon we had various sports such as football and volleyball. These sports were played between three teams: the General Service Unit (special soldiers deployed at the border areas), Todonyang youth and students from Todonyang Integrated Centre.

Let us all continue to pray and work for peace.

Peace is all we need!!!

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