Letter re: Jahalin demolitions

  • Ann Farr

Thank you to those of you who have already done so much in support of Kham al Ahmar Tyre School and village. This has resulted in international diplomats visiting the village and condemnations that caused the delay in demolition and a new court hearing.

The Jahalin Advocacy Coordinator and the Comboni Sisters who work with the Jahalin Bedouin have sent their thanks to everyone who is supporting them and undertaking advocacy for the families.

The Comboni Sisters, who have worked with the families in all of the Jahalin villages for many years, told me last week that it is heart breaking to see what is going on. The Comboni Sisters, Middle East Facebook page this week showed some pictures from the summer activities for the children. These are taking place despite the appalling situation.

For other updates see 'Jahalin Solidarity' webpage and Facebook page and 'Palestine Updates', Facebook page.

Further action is very urgent as the new Israeli Court Hearing will be on August 1st

If the decision is that demolition can take place then the families will be forcibly removed as soon as possible - probably with great violence - and relocated. The Israeli vehicles to make this possible are already in the village and a very large metal gate has been put in place and is being opened and closed across the village entrance at the whim of the Israeli military.

Demolition will probably take place very quickly after that, followed by the further demolition of the other 8 Jahalin villages.

If you can take any further action, these are some suggestions:

Many thanks,

Ann Farr

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